Teachers Day Games Essay

Mimicry of teachers: students who imitate teachers whether as harmless fun or to be just like them.

While imitating teachers, they try to enact their way of communication, facial expressions teacher, etc. Imitating teachers can form a funny part of your celebrations as well, where teachers also enjoy watching their ‘replicas’ on stage. Truth or Lie Pass out a sheet of paper for each teacher.

Have the teachers write two things that are true about themselves and one untrue. Then let the other teachers try to guess what was untrue.Toilet Paper Game. This is a classic game so be prepared that some teachers may know the game. Pass a roll of toilet paper around and ask each teacher to tear off as much as she might need throughout the day. Then when they least expect it, ask each teacher to tell one thing about themselves for each sheet of toilet paper. Commonalities Create a survey of five basic questions such as Birth place, favorite food, favorite vacation spot, siblings and color. Then allow the teachers throughout the day to find as many teachers as possible who have the same favorites as they do.

Make sure they have names by each question of people who do have the same likes. At the end, have them count how many people they found with the same likes. The person with the largest total gets the prize. You will be surprised at how fast people can bond when they know commonalities to discuss with one another.

Push the nerves aside and enjoy these games. It is important to be friends by the time the kids arrive in order to model friendships to the kids. Enjoy these years together.You will be surprised at how fast you will make life long friends. I am sure some veteran teachers out there have some great games as well.

Feel free to leave them in the comments so others can benefit as well. Write for Your Teacher Write poems, letters, or notes of appreciation and leave them in teachers’ mailboxes. Read them at morning assembly or in the claasroom. Decorations Decorate the staff room and the hallways of the school for Teacher’s Appreciation Day. Eating gameMake a team of 5 including both students and teachers.

Have a table and 5 different items of food and drink. Ask them to go and eat or drink, which group finishes first will win. Let 4 or 5 teams do this together. Have food items such as tomatoes, radish, carrot, 1 small packet biscuit, coco cola or Pepsi etc.

Make sure that food item you keep there are little difficult to finish easily. Let each of the group members select particular food items before going towards the table.