Team Reflection Essay

This past week we discussed how project manager will communicate wrought channels whether it is formally or informally plus whether it is the right form of communication. Some forms of communication where I work are meetings, emails and Keep conversations. We have found that the Keep works well since there are many in different countries. There was also the discussion of outsourcing and the challenges that it may bring to the project manager.

Where I work, we face several projects which are outsourced since the parent company is in Monterrey, Mexico. Of the three objectives this week am most comfortable creating a immunization plan. A communication plan is a document that can be used on a project to inform the team of the proper channels for communication and who needs to be informed. It allows the PM to introduce new team members to the expected communication channels without spending much time explaining.

It is also useful in making sure that all the correct information goes to the correct individuals. In construction the communication channels usually follow the same path on every project, but the plan allows for correspondence to not get lost on bigger projects where here are multiple levels of communication. I am not as comfortable with procurement but I am not completely lost. When it comes to procurement I will usually start with a schedule to give to subcontractors so they know what is expected and when it is expected. Eve never had to put together a large project team so am not comfortable with that. Where work we will have a PM and a Superintendent on large projects, and for the most part just have superintendents running everything when It comes to projects. Week Four objective was on communication and the best way to keep the reject team and sponsors inform on the process of the project and the Project Manager having knowledge of the best practice that relate to acquiring and developing a skilled and well-informed project team.

A project have communication plan, risk plan, and HER plan and a procurement plan all is to help inform the project team, sponsors and stakeholders the progress Of the project and also receive information that may change the project in a small way or large. The room addition for my childcare business has to be planned with the safety of the children and which has to be communicated to he contractors and sub-contractors which the scope of the project has to be followed step by step for a successful and safe finish.

The objective for week four was to analyze the best practices for project management in relation to acquiring a high performance project team, create a project communication plan and explain principles Of managing procurement in projects. The area of comfort for me were the various methods of communicating either formally or informally. During the life of the project the PM should conduct various types of meetings, this will allow he project to flow smoothly and catch any unforeseen discrepancies.

I also learned that in outsourcing, another method in maintaining quality work is for the PM to assign team members to oversee contractors, this will free up the PM for other project duties. In the field application, the projects that I have been in, our PM has assigned a job inspector to oversee contractors, by having someone overseeing their daily tasks, improves their productivity. References Solomon, M. (2010). PM exam cram: Project management professional (4th De. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson publishing.