Technical instruction manual, the goal is to inform

Technical Writing is a medium through which a speaker conveys
his or her message to their audience in a feasible manner.

Features of Technical Writing:

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1) The language is very direct and straight to the point.

2) It provides a detailed view and provides adequate

3)  The language is
highly organized.

4) It provides clear communication and commonly understood
words with unambiguous meaning.

5) It provides visual representations of written
descriptions and help readers solve problems.

Difference between general piece of writing and Technical Writing:

General piece of writing is more about arousing the interest
of the reader whereas technical writing has the objective of making the reader
understand a topic in an interesting manner.

The basics remain the same yet technical writing is more
difficult than general writing as it provides information to reader in easily
understandable manner.

Technical Writing follow certain guidelines. While
performing technical writing we should avoid passive voice, language should be
convenient and should be to the point. 

Examples of Technical Writing are textbooks of science
subjects, owner’s manual, employee handbooks and articles on web.

Description of two features are:

The language is very direct and convenient to follow. As
in a thesis or a scientific review and a survey report.

Like in any science book, the vocabulary is easily
understandable. In it, the reader sticks to the subject matter. When we open an
instruction manual, the goal is to inform how to use the product effectively
and efficiently.

The language is highly organized.

It should have material arranged in a manner that the reader
gets the information that he is seeking and also understands the subject matter
easily. When a reader reads a set of instructions for example, for performing a
chemical experiment, constructing a machine, etc. they are organized in a
particular manner which is crystal clear for the reader to follow through.