Technical writing process Essay

Dear Michael Sloan,I would like to welcome you and your team of engineers here at inVISIONed and we are looking forward to working with you. My name is Jack Phelps and I am the technical editor for our company.My success as a technical editor can be contributed to the fact that I have been in the business for almost fifteen years in different industries. I also assisted in training technical writers at our local community college, and this has enabled me to improve my skills as an editor. inVISIONed is a young company compared to our competitors.

My work as a technical editor had enabled us to be better known and established and our lists of happy clients is proof of that. Besides my work experience, I have a team of talented technical writers that can be depended on to get the job done.We are looking forward to be working with your team, and I would personally assure you that your writings and research will be prepared for publishing at the highest standard.Yours Sincerely,Jack Phelps

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