Technological it also had some down sides.

Technological revolution can be said to be a major social change in an important constitution brought about quickly by the initiation of new technology. The Industrial Revolution increased the material wealth of the Western world. This caused a drastic change in society and being dominant of agriculture and initiating social change. Every day work environment also changed exceedingly, and the west became an urban civilization. Technological revolution began in the 1780s but did not fully begin to be filed until the 1830s and 1840s. 

Since the technological revolution began it had pros and cons. The pros were producing items cheaper and faster giving people the opportunity to obtain everyday items easier such as clothes, shoes, tools, and household goods. New development occurred leading to the rise of road and railroad transportation and also invention of the telegraph and telephone. It also gave job opportunities to the people since new factories were being built has well as new manufacturing machines. Not only was it beneficial it also had some down sides. For example The promise of better wages attracted migrants to cities overcrowding the area of industrial towns. This also lead to pollution and other environmental hazards. It was also bad in working conditions because when factories sprung up in the cities and industrial towns their owners prized production over anything else.

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Nowadays technological change happens quite fast not how it used to be back when it started where it took a long time. Everything in this revolution is pretty interconnected with each other. It takes place in a multiplex ecosystem which compromises business, societal, and governmental aspects. For a country to be ready for this new type of Innovation the entire ecosystem has to be counted . So in other words if one thing changes or is constantly changing in technology that means the whole system needs to change to keep up. Also the technological revolution isn’t only changing the things that we do and how we would do those things it is changing us, changing how we see the world, and our lives. 

The Internet has impacted this greatly, older generations had more privacy compared to young people now because of the Internet. New technology will forms a concept where new technology completely turns and industry and kind of forces the population to rethink the ways things have always been done which impacts us today and everyday in society.