Technology Getting into online business leads us to

                 Technology that is developed in
our country these day affect people in so many ways especially in our
lifestyle. With great technology, people these days are getting familiar into
having an online business. By having lots of high end technology products particularly
a smartphone, it is easier for a seller to start off an online business as
everything is at our fingertips. Getting into online business leads us to many
advantages that can benefit us in many ways such as increasing in sales as well
as saving some cost. It also allows us to communicate with our customers easily
and it can be done at anywhere and at any time we desire.       

                  The first advantage of doing
business online is that it increases the sales and save the cost. It only requires
minimum initial investment to run an online business as we do not have to
invest our money in renting or buying a physical store. The business can just
be done at home or anywhere you want. Furthermore, hiring many workers is not
even necessary here as you can manage almost everything by your own. This great
advantage already save so much money. Doing an online business can also
increase the sales as people now mostly prefer to purchase things online.
People nowadays like convenient things and we can see that they are more
attached to smartphone as everything is at their fingertips. They do not have
to bother going all the way to store just to purchase an item that they desire.
Hence, it is easier to earn money by doing business online. According to recent
Forbes report, e-commerce industry is expected to pass $2 trillion mark in
2017. Thus, doing online business is the easier way to improve our lifestyle as
we can earn money while we are at home.

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                         Next, online business
is one of the platforms that provide the opportunity for a seller to
communicate with the customers easily. As the seller, we should provide a place
for the customers to give feedbacks regarding the service that we provided. It
does not matter if the feedbacks sent to us are bad as we can try to improve
from there.  From that, we get to give
the best service as the customers are able to point out both our weaknesses and
strengths.As the sale of modest wear industry increase, the muslimah
entrepreneurs, Vivy yusof who is the owner of Fashion Valet and her own hijab
brand, dUCk gain a lot of profit and her e-commerce is globally known. (Thomas,
2017). This can happen because Vivy and her team did very best to communicate
with the customers through instagram and twitter, and from that they can
improve the quality of their product. Besides, they also gain a lot of supports
from their loyal customers. This is one of the examples that shows the online
business is the platform to improve our business service.  In addition, we can get the supports  from the customers because of their love
towards our high quality product. Thus, online business is the best platform to
communicate with our loyal customers.

                     Last but not least, online business allows us
to work 24 hours a day and anywhere. It is one of the advantages of doing
online business as we don’t have to worry about our business even when we are
on our vacation with family as we can do the business anywhere. In addition, we
can have a quality time with our family and at the same time we can still work
in order to increase our income This is a good advantage as we can settle many
things while running our business. As the physicaI work place has been replace
with this online business, you can do your business even at home, and exactly
it helps you to balance your personal life and your career life well (Tiffany, 2017)
. In order to bring you closer to your big break or to your final point, a
small improvement each day will help you to bring you closer to them. Change does
not occur overnight, it takes time. (Fadza, 2017). Thus, doing online business
is the best way to help us to start a business as we can running our business
like everywhere and anytime and without disturb our daily routine.

                  In conclusion, running an
online business will benefit us in many ways. Thus, it is the first step for us
to be a successful business woman/man. Honestly, online business is a great
platform to start a business as it does not require us to invest that much into
it and we can even manage it wherever we want at anytime. As we live in the 21st
century, we have to cope with the progression of the modern technology as it
plays a crucial part in our life. Hence, we must seize this opportunity to
develop our business and make it a huge success.