Technololgy Revealed Essay

The computer is no longer something new and special to many people nowadays, because many families now have at least one computer in their homes. When most people think of a computer they think of the monitor, the tower, and the small pieces that come with it, like the keyboard and mouse. In fact, a computer can be broken down into four distinct categories, which include the output, input, CPU, processor, and the power supply.

The term ”output” consists of all components that display words and graphics so that a person can see them.Many people can easily understand why the monitor is a form f output device since it is the screen that tells them what the computer is actually doing. Simply put, without a monitor, the computer itself is basically useless. Another form of output, which is rarely noticed by many computer users however, is the printer. Many people have probably used a printer before, but it is just that they never realize it is also a form of output.

As opposed to the “input” consists of components that take in information from the users themselves so that the computer will know the tasks it is supposed to perform and accomplish.The keyboard is classified as a form of input because this is where the sers enter commands and text. There are many other forms of input as well. Nonetheless, many people just don’t realize them, or are too lazy to classify them. For instance, the mouse belongs to input, since it provides a floating pointer on the screen so that the users can access commands faster and easier.

The scanner is another form of input, because it acts like a photocopier, except it scans the image and makes it onto the computer screen instead of onto a piece of paper. The CPU, Central Processing Unit is probably one of the most important category of the five.As the name implies, it is the soul of a computer, very much alike the human brain.

For some weird reason, people often call the CPU a computer. This is incorrect, the word computer is just a general term which must always include all the five categories in order to operate. Perhaps the components of a CPU itself should be mentioned. To make it easier to understand, this central unit must have memory blocks to store data temporarily; disk drives to store data permanently; and last but not least, the main processor chip which performs all the jobs and mathematical calculations, as well s determines the speed of a CPU.When a person looks for a computer they should always look at the processor speed.

It is a very important because the processor is the part of the computer that makes your computer perform certain tasks. The most common task im talking about is when you click on a certain icon or program and the processor is what brings that program up. The faster the processor the quicker the program will come up and be able to use and access. There are only two types of processors the are Pentiums and Athalon processors. Both are easily up gradable to any speed our fast technological world creates.

The most important unit of the CPU is the power supply.There are 3 main power sources you have to hook up to any one hundred-ten volt outlet on your wall. One power source is the plug that hooks up from the monitor to the wall, which gives power to your monitor and speakers. Another supply is the link up that hooks up to your monitor and the actual tower, in this case gives the monitor and tower both power to one another so they can run with the same amount of power and no use to much energy, so you don’t have a huge electric bill. The main power root is the plug that leads from the tower to the lug outlet, and this gives the CPU all the power to run all the other functions mentioned.These are the five categories that the readers must know should they need to classify a computer again in the future.

Also, it can be seen that a computer is not as simple as many people think it is, for it consists of many internal components which are often neglected and ignored. It should also be emphasized that the components listed in this essay are not the only ones available, since developers and manufacturers will continue to create newer and more sophisticated gadgets everyday, and will never stop.