Teen Mothers Disrupting Social Norms Essay

Teen mothers are looked down upon in many different ways. Either from instilling fear in society or disrupting the way that people think they should live their lives. In today’s world it is not socially acceptable for young teens to have children as it has been in the past and how it still is in other cultures around the world. This disrupts many ideas and concepts such as development-in-time episteme and social age. Development-in-time episteme is the idea that states that a person cannot fully understand something until they understand how it was developed and how it has changed.

This shows how teen mothers disrupt ideas and concepts because in order to fully understand how to be a mother a woman must go through multiple stage and a certain amount of time that are not fulfilled by their teenage years. Society believes that a teen should finish high school, then go to college, then get married and then have raise children. Teen mothers however, disturb this because they do not follow through the steps deemed necessary by society in order to obtain motherhood. Social age has nothing to do with actual age.

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Social age is the age someone acts and is treated like. Teen motherhood is often caused by their young social age. Teen’s young social age often affects the way they view sex and sexuality. They think that they are just having fun and don’t really stop to think of the consequences of their actions as a result of their young social age and lack of experience with their sexuality. Their young social age also prohibits them from thinking about using contraceptives such as condom to prevent pregnancy because they don’t think that far ahead.

Sex is believed to be for adults and when young teenagers participate in sex and become pregnant from this it disrupts and scares society because teens are acting as adults and doing adult things and going against their social age. Precocity is when a teen or someone with a young social age acts like an adult or does adult activities. In today’s society parents try work against precocity and extend childhood which is the purpose of programs such as Boy and Girl Scouts which prolong childhood and childlike behavior sometimes into the person’s teenage years.

Teen mothers disturb this idea because they do not extend their childhood but rather shorten it. When a teen becomes pregnant and has a child they can no long participate in activities they once did but rather must take responsibility for their child and take care of it. These are tasks of an adult that are then thrust upon a teen and this is what society is trying to work against. Administrative Gaze is how teachers and other staff of school look down upon teen mothers.

Often time teen mothers will be forced to go to a school for teen mother whether they want to or not. This shows that administrations and society are scared of the so called problem of teen pregnancy and refuse to deal with it so instead put them all together so they are not seen by their peers at their normal schools. Administrations see teen mothers as a problem and then see these teen mother schools to be the solution. In actuality these schools just hide the so called problem and do nothing to fix it.