Teen mothers Essay

            The utilization of prenatal care by teenage mothers is an area of concern for several societies worldwide. Poor medical supervision and minimal follow-up has been associated with low birth weights and other adverse conditions for young mothers and their children. A study by Arthur, Unwin, and Mitchell (2007) aimed to explore young mothers’ experience of pregnancy-related medical services. The study compared the level of services to the standards set by a national organization (Arthur, Unwin, & Mitchell, 2007). The aims were well documented, but more information is needed on the standards of comparison.

            The literature review was minimal, but organized in a logical fashion starting with the stated need for teen pregnancy clinics followed by the resulting success rates of such clinics. A more thorough review would have strengthened this publication. This qualitative research was conducted from a phenomenological perspective utilizing semi-structured retrospective. The purpose, design, and methods matched the goals of this study by informed the midwives who gathered the information the experience of being a teenage mother.

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            The sample interviewed for this study involved a community with a per capita rate of teen pregnancy comparable to other areas in England. The comparison to rates in the United States and other countries is unclear. Participants were recruited somewhat randomly by seeking referrals. A uniform recruitment protocol would have improved this study. The rigor utilized during interviewing for this study was questionable. No set standard for data collection was stated. The study’s strength is its practical application and potential to generalize.

            Arthur et al. encourages assessments of teenage mothers paired with knowledgeable care. Specialized clinics are also a practical way to improve the medical and psychological outcomes of this population.


Arthur, A., Unwin, S. & Mitchell, T. (2007). Teenage mothers’ experiences of maternity services:         A qualitative study. British Journal of Midwifery, 15(11), 672-677.