Teenage Abortions Essay

Dear Senator Bob Margrett (State Senator)

Teenage Abortions

Abortion still remains so controversial an issue in many societies with the big debate being whether to legalize the same or not. (Leena, 1983) As of now majority of the countries in the world consider abortion to be illegal and is thus not permitted by laws and regulations of various countries. However, despite the fact that abortion is illegal and various anti- abortion campaigns are carried out to sensitize people on the illegality of the same, abortions still do take place. It is more disturbing to note that most of the abortions that take place are among teenage girls. Statistics indicate that in most countries however though still not put in writing to be legal, provided there is parental consent a teenager can go ahead and undergo abortion.

The major problem that one may talk about in the whole issue of teenage abortions is the rising numbers of teenagers who undergo abortions everyday. According to a research conducted in the past couple of years the graph seems to be heightening everyday and this trend does not seem in any way likely to change in the near future. (Leena, 1983)

The impact that there is that  by definition, abortion is not only a crime for those countries that have not yet legalized it but also murder in that life is said to begin at conception and not at birth. Thus procuring an abortion basically means that one is taking away the life of an innocent being. It is more alarming to notice how the rates of abortion among teenagers keep increasing an indication that it is not a bother to may who witness it occurring.

In my opinion the solution to this problem is to sensitize people especially the youth on the dangers of abortion. This is so because making it illegal and introducing harsh penalties will not stop the vice from taking place since people will still engage in backstreet abortions. (Leena, 1983)

From my research the American Political System still leaves a lot to be desired as they do not seem to be bothered at all by this rising trend considering that they are the representatives of the society.

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