Teenage Life Essay

Teenage Life One of the most difficult times in life is your teenage years. It is during this time of life that you start going though some major changes, both physically and mentally, causing stress levels to become really high due to the urge of wanting to “fit in”. There are many bad habits that most teens form in order for them to “fit in”. The most common of these bad habits revolve around drugs, alcohol, and sexual activity.

But just like the bad, there are also so many other good habits that a teenager can form in order to stay away from those bad habits, and by doing so, they will live a more comfortable, less stressful life. Teenagers usually try drugs and alcohol for the first time around middle school, and there are multiple reasons to why they do it. One of the biggest reasons is because of peer pressure from friends. Other reasons may include, trying to fit in, to relieve stress, or just downright curiosity.

Taking drugs and alcohol at an early age has a really bad effect on a teenagers life. Not only does it make them physically unhealthy, it also changes people in many ways; they stop hanging out with their real friends to go off and do drugs or alcohol, they become lazy, their attitude becomes negative, it may encourage gang activity, their grades get worse, and many more. There are little techniques called resistance skills, that someone can do to avoid doing drugs and alcohol.

Examples can include changing the subject to talk about something else if someone is offering you drugs. Another good example of a resistance skill is to choose to spend time only with people who do not use drugs. Another bad habit that teenagers form is getting involved in unprotected sexual activity. The two major reasons why early sexual activity is bad is teenage pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases. Nationally, nearly one million teenage girls under age 20 get pregnant each year.