Teenage Pregnancy on the Loose Essay

Teenage Pregnancy on the Loose


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            Considering the increasing number of pregnant teenager, it is really alarming to find out that there had been no changes in number for the past few years and in the case of United Kingdom, the number of teenagers getting pregnant was so high and it kept on increasing yearly making a turmoil in the country. Instead of reducing the number of pregnant teenagers, the number kept on increasing and makes the policies doubtful. The increasing number of preganant teenagers call for the help of the government and other organizations to reduce the number unwanted pregnancy and do something about the lives iof the teenagers in United Kingdom.

Literature Review

            Teenage Pregnancy is not like any other issue there is the whole world. Although it seems to be a common concern, it does not seem to bother people that much. Not until they are personally affected by the issue or until they finally realized that the topic had been increasing in number of affected people that it slowly reached an abnormal stage or the point that it affected too many lives already and too many aspects of living.

What are the reasons why teenage pregnancy seems to be normal in UK? Perhaps it is because there was no enough education on this matter. According to Social Exclusion Unit report, there are three major factors why UK failed to lessen teenage pregnancy compared to other European countries which was successful to reduce the amount of teenage conception even if it is in small number only (Brook). First and foremost, low expectations in education and job market triggers teenage pregnancy. Second, their ignorance about the problem and the situation, as well as in the effects of sex causes teenage pregnancy. They are not well informed f contraception compared to other countries. Lastly, mixed messages seem to add to the causes of the problem. Teenagers think that sexual activity is the norm because they are surrounded by sexual images and as quoted by Teenage Pregnancy Report from a teenager, ‘sex is compulsory but contraception is illegal’ (Brook).

Regarding the policy made for this kind of problems, the policy aimed to end the problem in early preganancy. Also it is focused in formulating idead and policies that will be helpful with all sides, the teenagers, their parents, the pregnant teenagers and those teenagers who already had children. the aim is to provide something that can help them and seciure their lives. The policy is also focused in reducing the number of teenagers who become pregnant in their early teens. this policy, more or less is appropriate because the aim is end something taht causes problem to people.

Early pregnancy have so many consequences. it is up to the people involved if they will face the consequences or be irresponsible forever.

3 parts:

1. Factors that leads to teenage pregnancy in UK.

2. How has policy responded? The approaches to tackling teenage pregnancy.

3. Is the policy appropriate and the view and expriences of teenage mothers in uk.


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