Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Essay

Teenage Pregnancy Prevention

I.                   Subject

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Teenage pregnancy as the name implies is pregnancy during the adolescent phase or stage of a female individual. Seen as an evident problem worldwide, there are various issues relating to the occurrence of the problem. Also, such a problem, of course, has detrimental effects towards the individuals involved and the unborn child, but is not limited to such. Still with significant numbers of cases worldwide, current methods in preventing the problem are still not enough; it is of utmost importance to assess current methods of prevention.

II.                Thesis Statement

The current methods for preventing teenage pregnancy throughout the world are inefficient and ineffective. Thus there is a need of further improvement on such methods and new methods must also be developed.

III.             Significance of the Issue

Being a current issue for numerous countries throughout the world, the problem of teenage pregnancy although mainly affecting the directly involved individuals is certainly not limited to such scope. Governments are also alarmed by the teenage pregnancy due to the economic problems that it may pose. Also one of its possible effects, problems regarding population growth in relation to the supply of goods will tend to be further aggravated. Thus the issue being tackled is very important and must really be looked further into since the additional problems that it poses will definitely affect current and future generations in more ways than one.

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