Teenage Sexting Essay

The act of sexting has many negative consequences. The number of teenagers whom participate in sexting is rapidly increasing.

Sexting has become a widespread phenomenon that has destroyed lives and has caused emotional distress to many teenagers and young adults. Sexting gives teenagers the feeling of acceptance and the chance to be popular by gaining attention but what they fail to realize is the attention they are receiving is negative and it affects their reputation.Once a sext message has been sent, the receiver is given the opportunity to show the message to his or her peers and which will bring negative attention to the sender. Teenager’s sext for many reasons that may alter their lives significantly in the future. The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not sexting may be used as a way to improve one’s social status or gain acceptance and also if sexting may also be used as a malicious act, or a form of sexual harassment.

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Concerning males and females, there are double standards. If a teenage girl sends out provocative pictures of herself and those pictures happen to exposed, her reputation is automatically jeopardized. If a male sends pictures of himself and they happen to be exposed his reputation and popularity may increase. Peer pressure has been an ongoing issue with teenagers. Teens feel the need to be accepted in high school, which is why there are a variety of “cliques” to provide the comfort of acceptance for different groups.Sometimes teenagers will do whatever it takes to be accepted or part of a popular group to fit in.

Teenage females believe that by exposing their bodies through sexting, it may enable them to be accepted by their male peers and make them become part of the popular group. Sexting not only affects their lives currently, teenagers fail to realize that once a picture has been sent, it will never go away unless permanently destroyed, but there is no way of guaranteeing the picture has not spread.Choices made later in life, as that teenager becomes an adult and begins to pursue a career, the pictures that were sent as a harmless message in their eyes could ruin the chances of him or her perusing a career path of his or her choice.

Teen suicide numbers have increased because of harassment and embarrassment caused by sexting. There have been instances when teens have sent private pictures intended for only the receiver to view and the pictures have been maliciously publicize failing to realize the damage and humiliation it may cause the sender.According to Mass Media Law, privacy is the expectation that confidential personal information disclosed in a private place will not be disclosed to third parties when that disclosure would cause either embarrassment or emotional distress to a person of reasonable sensitivities. Many teens fail to realize this, and share the messages, pictures, videos and other forms of sexting they receive, not thinking of the impact it makes on the sender. Jessica Logan was a high school graduate who had just turned 18.During the time Jessica was in a relationship with her ex boyfriend, she sent him nude pictures of herself. Once the couple split, the boyfriend spread the pictures of Jessica which were meant for him throughout the school.

Students began to harass Jessica by calling her names and emotionally abusing her. The abuse became so severe; it led Jessica to committing suicide. Many teens across America are victims of this kind of abuse and end in committing suicide. The only way to prevent these types of tragedies from recurring is by educating teenagers with the dangers, and the consequences of sexting.