Teens and Sexuality Essay

Teens and Sexuality

Thomas, C.L., (2007). Effects of a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program on Teens’ Attitudes Toward Sexuality: A Latent Trait Modeling Approach. Developmental Psychology, 43, (1), 173-185.  In this article, Thomas reviews the effects of program intervention in a school based teenage pregnancy program with regard to the attitudes that teens have regarding sexuality. The author used information obtained from middle grade students from an earlier evaluation of an abstinence-based teen pregnancy prevention program. The author used latent trait structural equation modeling in order to evaluate the impact that the intervention programs has on changes in constructs of teens’ attitudes toward sexuality. His research focuses on assessing whether teen pregnancy prevention program has any effects on teens towards sexuality. The article is useful to my research topic, as Thomas suggests, the recent statistics on teen births is encouraging and therefore the program can be seen t have some positive effects. He has also gone ahead to conduct an actual study on the changes on teens’ Attitudes towards sexuality to determine the effectiveness of intervention programs on risky sexual behaviors. Therefore his article will form the basis of my research.

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Hampton, M. R. (2005). Influence of Teens’ Perceptions of Parental Disapproval and Peer Behaviour on Their Initiation of Sexual Intercourse. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 14, (3/4), 105-121. The author of this article has carried out a study to determine whether the students’ sexual behavior would change with the approval or disapproval of their parents. The author uses data obtained from 2,353 grade 10 and 12 students to try and determine whether their perceptions of parental approval/disapproval of their having sexual intercourse would predict whether or not they had ever had intercourse. His research focuses on whether parents are still the primary influencers of adolescent’s sexual behavior. This article is very useful to my research as it is based on the ties between adolescents and their parents and whether their parents have any contribution to the sexual behavior of the teens. Therefore, this article will form the basis of my research.

Atwood, J. (2006). Mommy’s Little Angel, Daddy’s Little Girl: Do You Know What Your Pre-Teens Are Doing?. American Journal of Family Therapy, 34, 447-467. The author of this article focuses her research on the sexual behavior of young people and she explores the lives of pre-teenagers who are between 8 to 13 years on their sex lives. The author uses data obtained from chat rooms on the internet.  The research wholly focuses on the self confessions of very young pre teenage girls about their sexual exploits and experiences. Though the article is useful for my research paper, it has focused on young girls under the age of 13 (Pre-teens). Therefore, it will not form the basis of my research focus.