Telebank Call Center Essay

How the “socio” part of the socio-technical system causes the Telebank Call Center to be something other than a perfectly smoothly functioning machine.

The working affiliations, that is both vertical and horizontal rapports involving individuals as well as groups existing within any given establishment ,significantly affects how it minor or major activities are executed or coordinated. Therefore, effective coordination or administration singularly depends on the mastery of a number of dissimilar concepts: authority, centralization vs. decentralization, work specialization, span of control, chain of command, and delegation among other aspects. Therefore, examining the scope of socio part of the socio-technical systems which causes the Telebank Call Center to be something other than a perfectly smoothly functioning machine. It would be paramount to aver that, the amalgamation of the social and the technical elements employed or involved are intertwined as to form a social organizational structure.

Consider the fact that,telebanking is one of the major inventions providing critical solutions to the banking sector making it possible for banks to offer an extensive range of services via a expansive area of engagement. The telebank call centers also defined as telephone banking sector, computerize the bank procedure like money transfer, loan expenses, exchange transactions, by providing an extensive support to focus on the client queries and requirements over phone. Owing to the personality of trade, such Telebank call centers are looked as socio-technical structures, where knowledge is used in correspondingly with definite social and organizational tactics to manage production. The Telabank is an ideal illustration of incorporated theoretical consideration of the manner societal and technological models are pooled together to create a representation of structural management. The Telabank replica institutionalizes management through expertise and the control is additionally exercised by practical rules.

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Delving into the scope of Telebank Call Centre activities, the nature of operations involved provides a strong illustration of a social institution which is beyond the concepts of any perfect machine. This can linked to the fact that, the manner banking institution places their concern and faith on it, it is essential to assert that, the socio scope is incredibly pivotal and important in reflecting its usage and application. For instance, the socio scope infers that, this system enables the individuals to explore their account balances as well as obtaining bank statements including accessing issues pertaining to card accounts (Clark, 2000). Additionally, another crucial element revolves within the context of saving time and making banking more hospitable and hassle free.  In essence, it should be noted that, the recent rapid changes and development of diverse technologies have brought a considerable changes to almost all spheres of social life which includes; policies, working environment as well as work structures not to forget the procedures exposed by the entire systems.

Hence, the Telebank Call Centre is one of major organizations which have so far incorporated technology in its corporate working structure so as to achieve its goals and objections and this have translated to having its function being anchored as an organization rather than a machine that is cleverly programmed and monitored. Therefore, by employing a combination of managerial aspects, the socio scope of this concept tends to forge a strong tie involving novel technical schemes with the traditional social systems in the organization including the pooling of individuals and expertise, hence creating the so called socio-technical structures (Morgan, 2004).

Therefore, to understand how the “socio” part of the socio-technical system causes the Telebank Call Center to be something other than a perfectly smoothly functioning machine. it would be vital to assert that, this phase demonstrates how technology is not employed as a deterministic factor but instead is selected and combined with innate social and organizational schemes in controlling diverse instrument of the organization including production. Hence, it on such position that the Organizational Structure of the Telebank Call Center is still conventional in terms of the essentials of organizational structure particularly in spots such as levels of control, authority and extent of control. and that’s is why its socio aspects tend to illustrate that, it is not a perfectly and smoothly functioning machine, but rather it is a living organization which can be said to be anchored within the major aspects of socio-technical aspects such as CSR , team principal and call centre supervisor (Callaghan ,2001).

Examining the essence of socio aspect of the Telebank Call Center, it would be crucial to demonstrate that, the mechanisms of organization operations depends solely on the concept of human capital procedures including the functions within the said organization and this would involve the incorporation of technology in order to augment recognition of activity-based organizational targets and objectives. Nevertheless, the configuration and accomplishment of mechanisms within the business is definitely fueled by socio-technological schemes existing for employees or personnel.


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