Telecom Industry Essay

Management information system

– Introduction

MIS ( Management Information System ) is a procedure which provides the necessary information for pull offing an organisation in an effectual mode. The information generated by MIS is considered to be the most of import equipment of careful and the determinations made in concern. For an organisation, MIS must hold the guidelines, patterns, processs, criterions, and policies. All these have to be followed throughout the development, care, and use of the establishment.

Multiple degrees by the direction are used and viewed by the MIS. Owner is the user of the system who uses the present client and the component demands and has the adequate budgets for funding the new undertakings. By constructing the ownership it non merely promotes the establishments pride but besides helps in guaranting the answerability. Not needfully the decrease of the disbursals is done by MIS.

By developing the systems meaningfully, utilizing them decently reduces the possibility of doing erroneous determinations due to inaccurately. The resources can be wasted by the determinations made mistakenly. This might ensue adversely on the capital.


Aircel is a JV of Gogo Communications located in Malaysia and Apollo Hospitals of India. 74 % interest belongs to Maxis and the other 26 % belongs to Apollo infirmaries. Aircel is India ‘s 5th largest supplier of GSM Mobiles service.

.Its endorsers excessively are many they account for approximately 27.7 million as on the 31st of Oct 2009. By 2010 it is believing of spread outing its services throughout India. It has besides sought permission for to supply for Long distance calls for both national and international users. The telecom dept has granted permission.

ABS – ( Aircel concern solutions ) is a portion of Aircel and it is an ISO 9000 certified administration. Its merchandises include enterprise solutions like Multiprotocol Label Switching Virtual Private Networks ( MPLS VPNs ) , Voice over Internet Protocol ( VoIP ) and Managed Video Services on wireless platform including WiMAX ( )

Q1 ) Provide information across assorted sections

Stability in the Payroll and fiscal sections

For companies to be successful, it is critical to pull off informations expeditiously.Data was made available and accesses able to everyone. This included.

* Payroll* Financial information* Customer tracking systems.Execution of MIS so played a really important function at Aircel. Absence of proper MIS system would intend deficiency of proper handiness of informations at the nick clip, this farther leads to confusion and deficiency of proper nutriment of available resources.In order to be after the budgets and operations and for doing projections, informations has to be retrieved continuously by the directors and the corporate executives. Leaderships can accurately do determinations and entree big informations by hive awaying the information in a individual topographic point and manage it.

As the directors and the employees got accustomed to the new acquisition curve for the first twelvemonth has to be expected. Training is needed for the executives for reading the consequences and larning to get down with the use of the resources they had non used in past.Execution in the HR map and its overall benefits
Aircel selected SAP ERP which is a Payroll and HR package. It helped Aircel to acquire rid of unwanted /duplicate information across many locations.

Besides it saved the HR forces from doing manual entries of informations.

Benefits of MIS in field of HR:

By Implementing the MIS through SAP ERP, HR maps are 33 % quicker than standard attackImprovement in all field such as 60 % of cost decrease in development, 50 % cost and clip saved for disbursement in lower undertaking and 70 % fewer in station go-live corrections.Hazard Mitigation and deciding issues on clip services.Ongoing support from SAP is to the full active for the user to entree go-live it.Reduce Manual work and saves clip.Decreased the Payroll Processing Cycle clip from 15 yearss to 5 yearss.

Monitoring the paysheet and Generating Tax Declaration for employee is easier.

8. Simple and Easy manner of managing application of employee foliages entitlement.

Effective execution of MIS should be done by analyzing and sing MIS demands at tactical degree and strategic degrees. Tactical Level of MIS can be used in treating one-year study and one-year budget. In this instance, the support of long term Strategic degree of MIS besides required to originate the concern program.

This implies that to acquire benefit of effectual MIS, organisation should see the degrees of MIS that are to be used in organisation and that should be analyzed before implementing.Amalgamation and Acquisition of company with other company, Developing Company presenting new merchandises and services are the best common illustration for developing and implementing MIS.

Q2 ) Facilitate determination devising at the three grades of direction

MIS trades with procedure of roll uping the information, processing, hive awaying the information and transmission relevant to the support the direction operation. This shows the procedure and success of decision-making. Administrative procedure of organisation extremely depends on the determination devising.

Decision devising is done with the available information and maps in the organisation. Proper consequence can non be found because of deficiency of information that leads unlikely to give the optimum or coveted consequence.

The back bone for the systems of determination devising

This system is growing along with the development in Management Information System. MIS besides supports determination devising in both structured job environment and unstructured job environment at every strata of organisation. MIS constitutes many things such as people, computing machines, processs, databases, synergistic question installations and so on.

Methods of Decision Making

An MIS system must be developed in such a mode that it aids in carry throughing organizational aims listed here under.* Communication channels and mediums should be more effectual amongst employees* Send across critical informations more expeditiously and efficaciously* A comprehensive and constructive system should be made available for roll uping, analyzing and utilizing the information.

* A procedure of digitisation has to be implemented which minimise the cost of labor oriented activities* Be able to strategise the administrations determination doing procedure.There are batch of MIS tools available which includes package, databases, hardware and specially designed support applications.The input given to any one of the mentioned Management Information System is transformed into utile and related information that aid to give consequences as studies or statements, attempt to do future anticipations based on the derived information. Knowledge Base in the MIS can besides be used as reply to questions which helps to take a peculiar action/decision on “what if” scenario. Thus information given by Management Information Systems is accurate and alone which helps to give determination devising.The primary purpose of MIS is to do certain that information is suitably channelized to the right people at workplace.

That is called as Internal Decision Makers and External Decision Makers. And they are considered as good determination shaper for running the organisation. And this procedure is completed on clip, dependable with good quality information to the determination shapers.It is indispensable to understand that directors are answerable for* The results of the existent studies* The consequence of the studies that are direct on certain behavior* Making a squad which is long lasting and every bit effectual which can carry through marks efficaciously and on clip.

* Equiping their several squads with good managerial and leading support.In the conventional direction agreement hirarchy for the flow of information is inthe following manner

Top – Middle – lower

In a digitised environment the scenario is different it aids in effectual communicating at the same time across the assorted degrees. Soon directors are usage and trust computerised systems.* They are Systems* Which procedure minutess* Which support the procedure of determination devising* Which assistance and shop informations sing operations* Expert system

a. Transaction Processing System

Transaction Processing System is a aggregation of information, used to treat the information at the clip of dealing in database system. It is used to supervise the dealing plan such as predefined plan for the end product.

For illustration, Electronic Payment is made to retreat money from one history and added the same to the other or none at all, likewise dealing made in shopping, auto lease, fire hook, ticket reserve are besides the illustrations of Transaction Processing System. If the dealing is failed or partly completed, it must be rolled back ( undo the recent alterations ) by this Transaction Processing System. Other dealing supervising maps like dead end ( two or more procedure viing for each other to let go of the resources in round concatenation ) .

B. Operation Information System

Operation Information Systems is a group of system provides important information for the daily operation in the organisation. The advantage of OIS is, it supports the existent clip bringing of information to the other application such as undertaking allotted, start clip and terminal clip, clip taken to finish the allotted undertakings.

This machine-controlled system will enable a director to do a conclusive estimation on a undertaking given or undertaking handled. He will besides be able to supervise an employee ‘s public presentation. Similarly an employee excessively will be able to foreground his public presentation at the clip of one-year assessment or at the clip of interim cheque.


Decision Support System

It is set of manual or computing machine based tools to back up technological and managerial decision-making activities. Decision Support System is synergistic package based helpful to do determination by formulate the options, analysis the concern theoretical accounts and impact of it, place and work out the job by choosing the appropriate option for execution.This application aids many maps by roll uping information like

Analysis of hard currency flow

Forecasting at assorted degrees and other relate informationInformation on the public presentation of a merchandiseAllotment of resourcesGross saless comparing etcAircel has to streamline all its information such as its fiscal information, information sing its assets, bequest and other sorts of informations. If this is in topographic point, the DSS will be able to help in a sound determination doing procedure.


Expert System

Expert System is Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) package which uses the cognition base of human expertness for job resolution. Expert System is based on quality of informations and regulations obtained and assigned from the human expert.Most common methods used to imitate the public presentation of Expert System are:* Creating Knowledge Base – uses information representation to get the ( Capable Matter Expert ) cognition of the SME* Knowledge Engineering – The information should be gathered via a strict oppugning procedure. For Aircel, one time everything is in topographic point the Expert system will help in turn toing unsolved issues.The above mentioned systems are mostly used in managing the information in an organisation.

MIS can be preserved and further developed either manually or via machine-controlled systems or by utilizing both methodological analysiss combination of both.It besides performs other activities such as supervising the information, distribution the information to the direction, employees and clients.

Effective execution of MIS consequences in

Meeting the Business Goals and Objectives,Supports the bringing of the merchandise and services.

Easy to entree and usage at degree of organisation.Significant usage of the scheme used for managing hazard to help the direction in executing reviews..

Q3 Serve as efficient agencies for pull offing concern procedure

Business Procedure

A concern procedure or a methodological analysis of concern is the assemblage concerned, channelized activities to eventually contour either a service or a merchandise. Besides it can be said as a group of activities clearly spread across clip and people with a start and an terminal. Here the stuffs to be used and what would be the end point end products are clearly defined. The really start of a procedure of concern is usual the wants of client and it ends at a point of client satisfaction. In order to finish such a procedure administrations rely on beginnings of information which may be external or internal.

It may be noted that concern procedures are created to add value to a client. The consequence of an first-class concern procedure is enhanced effectivity ( to the client and the manner of making concern ) with a decrease operating costs monitorTill day of the month the assorted MIS systems have were non able satisfy the demands of an single devising determination wholly. These are in footings of* Decision doing under stress/pressure* Tracking competition* Taking into consideration organizational information that has a different position point.“In order to be able to respond rapidly to alterations that take topographic point on the market, administrations need direction information systems that would do it possible to transport out different cause and consequence analyses of administrations themselves and their environments” ( Power, 2001 ) .“According to ( Kalakota, & A ; Robinson Business Intelligence ( BI ) systems provide a proposal that faces demands of modern-day administrations. Main undertakings that are to be faced by the BI systems include intelligent geographic expedition, integrating, collection and a multidimensional analysis of informations arising from assorted information resources. Systems of a BI criterion combine informations from internal information systems of an administration and they integrate informations coming from the peculiar environment e.

g. statistics, fiscal and investing portals and assorted databases. Such systems are meant to supply equal and dependable up-to-date information on different facets of endeavor activities.” ( Kalakota, & A ; Robinson, 1999 ; Liautaud, & A ; Hammond, 2002 ; Moss, & A ; Alert, 2003 )The primary consequences of the research say that the BI systems have a major function in demoing and inculcating both sweetenings in production and transparence in cascading cognition.

Besides they make certain that concern* Monitor the profitableness* Scrutinize outgos* Gauge the environments and ambiance of corporates* Investigate upon abnormalities and cases of fraud.The approaching old ages have had many treatments sing jobs in BI.These include the attacks of OLAP. Though jobs are discussed in item negotiations sing the existent proper execution of BI are yet to happen.

There are no proper guidelines or information sing proper execution of BI. Administrations are in the procedure of happening out efficient methods of making and managing BI themselves. All in an environment of rampant alteration, growing and increase in the fight amongst concern.

Businesss in general are steping the way of disaggregation.

How its execution is effectual

Execution of Business Intelligence is effectual and it is analyzed from different positions. Decision Makers of the organisation chiefly associate with Business Intelligence for implementing organisational specific methodological analysis and doctrine. Here, BI systems are thought to be the solution, indispensable for entering information into informations by analysing including describing with the amalgamate information. Information is transferred into cognition by Data Drilling and eventually knowledge transferred to Decision to better fight. ( Refer Fig.2 )‘It is said that the Value of BI for concern is preponderantly expressed in the fact that such systems cast some visible radiation on information that may function as the footing for transporting out cardinal alterations in a peculiar endeavor, i.

e. set uping new cooperation, geting new clients, making new markets, offering merchandises to clients ‘ ( Chaudhary, 2004 ; Olszak, & A ; Ziemba, 2004 ; Reinschmidt, & A ; Francoise, 2002 ) .


ain amplification.

The four critical aspects of Risk direction are:

1. Operational processs2. Management and Employees3. Practices or schemes4. Feedback mechanisms and devicesUsing Management Information System, information direction are available for both planning and determination devising with regard to the engineering.

Technology besides enhances the range for incorrect and inaccurate information being reported out which as a consequence cause incorrect determination doing due to miss to informations, unclear/missing informations.Since informations is extracted from many fiscal system and dealing system, there should be disposed control processes or maps have to be setup to do certain the information is accurate and appropriate. Control must guarantee that systems on little computing machine like personal computers which have good defined processing controls are every bit good as traditionally larger mainframe computing machines.It has become compulsory to put up an single model with effectual cardinal rules like placing hazard, set uping controls and supplying a reappraisal of MIS that is good and mentoring systems across the organisation. OCC gives full support to seting these constructs from writing them to heightening the usefulness communicating throughout the organisation. OCC recommended the organisation to follow the cardinal rules such as appropriate Internal Controls, Operating Procedures and Safeguards and Audit Coverage.Aircel has chosen an MIS system that will supply the best consequences for its administration. While confabulating upon an MIS Aircel has done a cost analysis.

Harmonizing to it an MIS should convey a good return on the investing made and extra costs should non be incurred for execution of such a system. For the success of an MIS there should be* Deft planning* Good foresting* Seasonably describing and rating.If the full above are adhered to so an administration will be able to do proper determinations. If information is stacked suitably so the flow of information will be easier and efficient which will enable an administration to do effectual value attention deficit disorder determinations.

Over all benefits of MIS execution at Aircel

Harmonizing to Gary ‘BI differs from MIS ( i.e. DSS, EIS, and ES ) in first of all, their wider thematic scope, multivariate Analysis, semi-structured informations arising from different beginnings and multidimensional informations Presentation ‘ ( Gray, 2003 ) .Olszak and Ziemba say that ‘BI may back up determination do on all degrees of direction regardless of the degree of their structuralisation ‘ ( Olszak, & A ; Ziemba, 2003 ) .On the Strategic Level, Puting the Objectives exactly and following the established aims is easy in BI. Using BI, it is easy to execute different comparative studies such as Comprehensive consequences, the viability of certain offers, prosperity of the assorted distribution startegis and channels alongside execution of and foretelling the consequences for the hereafter based on premises made.


Implementation MIS in organisation is really indispensable. This can be found by the undermentioned benefits.

To better the quality of an administrative procedure in an organisation can be identified by their proved patterns.MIS is User-friendly window based system executing Time direction, Resource Management by bring forthing tickler/alert, on-line assignment Scheduling, Clear, better and faster record entree which includes existent clip updation.MIS is easy to entree through cyberspace and Availability and dependability of Access and Crisis line information to service supplier.Information analysis, Data Gathering, Report and Performance Monitoring.Use of MIS application consequences in greater answerability such as better the measuring at Client, plan and system degrees.Myocardial infarctions have constitutional quality and conformity controls to give quality.MIS can able to replace multiple applications such as old package, charge system, holding inefficient client informations and package which are considers as really old, non-user friendly, inapt to the organisation.

Managing individual application is easier than keeping much old application.


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