Telecommunication as an infrastructure of modern media Essay


I here by agree that telecommunication is an important infrastructure in modern media sectors. Accordingly telecommunication is reffered to as tranmission of  signals over a distance for the purpose of communication. With preview of earliar days this was done through use of smokes,signal,drums,semaphore or heliograph.

In the modern days telecommunication has changed and improved means of communication in the society by use electronic transmitters such as telephones,televisions,radios and computers. Modern medias has effectively benefited from all this communication gargets provided by the telecommunication technologies.With the use of mobiles phones which acts as a transmitter and at the same time as a reciever media sectors has managed to make point- to- point communication more easier and the same time they are using them to send small messages.With advanced use of digital signals has made medias to be able to transmitte informations in their original forms rather than when they use analogue encoding.In conclussion telecommunication technology has provided medias with more effective materials. The  production of a cheaper,faster and more capable intergrated circuits is leading broadcasting industries into a critical turning point where by this digital broadcast prevents a number of compliants with analogue broadcast.

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