Telecommunications, the Internet and Wireless Technology Essay

Telecommunications, the Internet and Wireless Technology


With the advent of the 21st century technological renaissance has acquired its zenith, with each passing day new technologies are emerging which has revolutionized our ways of spending life to the ways of conducting business activities.

Every company realizes that in this Techtronic age only businesses that are technologically equipped and possess access to the most contemporary and sophisticated technology design will be able to register progress at the end of the day and it is precisely this reason as to why organizations of all kinds are whole-heartedly embracing the innovations that are taking place in the technological era.

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Sources and Devices of Information

As said earlier that in time where everything is operated and functioned within an eye wink, for a company to cement its development on sustainable grounds it is very important to have accessibility and availability to latest technology is mandatory. Some of the latest devices which are actually an extension of the technological innovations devised during the conclusive years of the 20th century.

One such device was the internet, which by its unconventional nature of interconnecting networks provided a new dimension to communication and transformed the world in what we know it today as the global village. With the increasing proliferation of such advancements hurdles of communication have been eliminated virtually and the concept that separated people in contexts of time and space have undergone substantial alterations on permanent basis.  These innovations include the usage of systems Wi-Fi broadband systems, LAN systems and novel mobile technologies such as iPhones and iPads which are equipped and up dated with such latest technologies. With the help of these technologies communication anywhere, anytime and at any place is made possible, hence said earlier, the barrier of time and space has been eliminated. Today with an enormous amount of over 165 million users of these technologies, companies and organizations are devising new strategies to provide healthy competition to their competitors and gain leverage in terms of greater commercial development. These devices and their subsequent usage have greatly enhanced functions like field sales, field services, logistic personnel and manufacturing operations can all be managed within a click of a button with the help and availability of the unprecedented innovations that have taken place in the technological sector. All these available facilities and amenities are used by companies like Dirt Bikes to enhance their sales activities, explore and create greater advantages for surging productivity, provide greater customer satisfaction by providing them with constant and uninterrupted convenience of interacting and registering their queries and concerns regarding the products or any other related issue. With the help of the launched website customers and clients of the company are provided the facility of being able to communicate with the related personnel 24/7 and providing them adequate feedback related to any of their problem. Amenities by the Dirt Bikes company are not only being offered on inter customer basis but the influence of technology has also seeped on intra organizational basis.

With the advent of wireless technology, all important devices that are used in an organization such as printers, desktop computers, scanners, tablets, workstations, electronically operated notebooks and handhelds are connected through wireless means. This is mainly because with the use of wireless technology provides the facility of greater access for users to access to real-time information as to the activities taking place in the different departments of the organization. The use of LAN provides myriad advantages to customers for the effective configuration of office work and hence proves as a greater asset for operations related to production and sales which can be greatly enhanced by the proper and effective use of such services (Sharma and Nakamura, 2003).

One such model that has started to take place at organizational level and can be considered as an extension of wireless technology is through creating a web of networks on an intra organization basis by connecting them through a centrally operated server, without affording the expenses of numerous internet connections and related devices along with the unnecessary congestion of wires in the workplace. All computer systems are allotted a specific internet provider number and all computer systems are operated under the umbrella of a vitally located server that is controlled and monitored by the organization. By the introduction of such a system any person can access into another system by knowing the specific IP address of the computer and can up load or retrieve any important documents or files located. With a creation of such intranet webs all departments of an organization are mutually connected and can easily interact with each other without wasting time or financial resources.

Despite of all this, invasion of privacy and encroachment remains a dominant and debatable issue, however, it must be kept in mind that the introduction of such technology models do not allow invasion of privacy as one can only gain access into another system by knowing the appropriate address, furthermore the user can add further security measures himself such as specifying a password to the system to restrict the number of accessing users.

In addition to this another model that can be proposed for modifying the communication facilitating capability of the Dirt Bike organization can be made possible through the development of special software systems in a way that are not internet dependant for their functioning and through which clients and company personnel can communicate easily. Moreover for exploring global frontiers and unearthing prospects of international expansion such software can be incorporated with translation and language interpretative features (Elliot, 2004).


The future of technology lies in the hand of wireless, Man has so far travelled up to the level of 4G and His upward mobility in the greed of exploring and inventing more still seems insatiable. The benefits and advantages that this boom of technology has created for people at all levels cannot be compensated by any other alternative technology, but it is also important to bear in mind that each technology that gains access in our lives comes with its related pros and cons, hence a balance and careful assessment of these technologies that play a pervasive role in our lives is mandatory (Webb, 2001).


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