Tell me a story Essay

This was the beginning of the most memorable day of my life. When me and my mom arrived at the hospital she was immediately taken to a room and the next thing I knew she was on oxygen and doctor gave her several injections. Because of the effect of the medicine, soon she went to sleep. Stayed with my mom holding her.

Emergency room in India has altogether different experience in India and was full of patients. I was looking around and noticed a male around of his thirties walked in the emergency room. He was accompanied by two women’s.From their age guessed that one could be his mother and other could be his wife.

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Doctor immediately started treatment. Asked from the older lady who was accompanying him that for what condition he was getting his treatment? In my utter disbelief, I came to know that man had consumed Sylph’s tablets. Sylph’s is commonly used as fumigant. Its ill-effect merit much more attention than the effects. Sylph’s tablet is being used for committing suicide as it is inexpensive and easily available. Dinettes every step of his treatment.

In the meantime other members of his family also came to enquire about his health. Everyone was praying to perform a miracle on him. Doctors tried their best but they were helpless. They could not do anything to help him. I noticed fumes coming out of his mouth. I was only 20 years old that time.

Was seeing that young man dying in front of my eyes. After few time, doctors declared him dead. I saw pain in the eyes of his young wife, who was forced to become a widow at tender age. His mother was inconsolable was in tears.Small daughter of deceased was unaware anything happened to her father, that she lost her father forever.

At that moment I realized no matter how life put you in tough phase, we should always be positive. Also I realized that how much my family meant to me and how much I loved them. When faced with the loss of someone it makes you value the time you have with them. It was the most memorable moment in my life because understood that tomorrow may not come so we have to value and cherish the time we have with our loved ones.