Term Limit Discussion Essay

There has been continued debate as to whether term limit should be introduced to the federal government and especially in the congress which is supposed to be closer to the people. Many seasoned representatives and their allies have been opposed to this move, while many Americans feel it is time the congress introduced term limit for the office bearers. The special interest groups do not want to support the term limits since they feel that they might loose what they have invested in the incumbent legislators. Most of such groups use the political affiliates for their own personal gains and even harm their rivals (Greenberg, 1994).

Even though their have been opposition from the political quarters and especially after the court ruled in 1994 that term limit is unconstitutional, there is a great need to limit the term of the legislators in the congress. Because of the time the incumbent might have been in office, they definitely have an advantage over the newcomers, which makes it a hindrance for any meaningful challenger to be on the same platform with them. Therefore, to bring any meaningful change, there has to be term limit. The incumbents have got well connections especially in monetary terms which they use to ensure they are reelected, sometimes even applying propagandas (Greenberg, 1994).Longtime serving incumbents end up developing some kind of bureaucratic loyalty which affects the intelligence of the House. Therefore, in such situations, it becomes very difficult for the members to make any informed independent decisions.

Furthermore, putting in place term limit for the members will act as a reality check for them since they will be able understand the private sector’s life, thus understand completely what needs to be done and when. The congress has lost respect due to very dubious tactics, for instance pork-barreling; hence it is only through bringing fresh legislators to the government that some of the cultures can be removed.Reference:Greenberg, D (1994). Term Limits: the Only Way to Clean up Congress, retrieved on January31, 2009, from http://www.heritage.org/Research/GovernmentReform/BG994.cfm