Termination Essay


This paper is based on the assumption about Mr. John who told his wife that he has been fired and the explanation that he gave to his wife was that the company he was working for had to let go ten percent of the entire workforce due to a downturn in the business. In this case, it would not be correct to say that Mr. John has been fired but it would be correct to say that he has been laid off by his company.

There is a major difference between an employee being laid off and being fired and the two are basically the results of different consequences. A person is normally laid off when the employer does not need the work an individual does mainly due to a reduction in the demand for it, however the employer is supposed to pay the employee even if a particular worker is not coming to work and is not working for the company. However, in the case of temporary employees, employers are not bind to pay the employees who are laid off.

Termination or being fired is basically the consequence of any mistake done by an employee as the employee might have done something wrong, for instance he must have cheated the company or his work might not have been up to the requirements of the company. Terminating an employee should always be a last option for an employer; however in case any employee has to be terminated, there are some practices that must be followed in order to soften the landing. Some of the best practices to follow when terminating an employee are mentioned below.

·         Avoid surprises.

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·         Plan the timing.

·         Respect the employee’s privacy.

·         Let the employee leave with dignity.

·         Conduct a discussion with the employee before terminating.

·         Meet the needs of the remaining employees. (Leat, 2001).


Leat,M. (2001). Exploring Employee Relations. Butterworth-Heinemann.