Terrorism Essay

When and where will the next attack take place? All Oft hose questions are valid and important questions, yet people miss out on the big q question of What can be done to reduce the spread of Terrorism in the United States? The e answer is simple, Find a way to tighten security, while still maintaining an individual’s civil liberties. One of the biggest controversial topics today is the argument of whether rip rot personnel should be able to search through a person’s belongings without pr bobble cause.

Many airports around the United States have implemented the new la w since the 9/1 1 attacks. But is what the government doing wrong? The 4th Amendment g ants a citizen the right to be free from searches without probable cause. On the the r hand, The Patriot Act circumvents traditional warrant requirements and gives officio Is and easier way of obtaining a HAS warrant. A AS warrant grants authorities the r eight to rummage through belongings as long as they were able to say Foreign Intel c loud be obtained.

With the Patriot Act in effect, many people have become frustrated because they believe that their privacy is being revoked with this law. On the contrary, with these new “Privacy Revoking” laws, over 80,000 illegal immigrants have been arrest and over 75 of them were found guilty being involved in some way with terrorism plans against the United States. So the numbers really do show, The Patriot Act may sound like a bad plan, however in the end, the country is safer than it would be with out the Patriot Act.

Before 9/1 1 occurred, Terrorism was an all time low in the United States. In FAA CT, the only major Terrorist event that occurred in the span from 2001 to 2011 w as 9/11. Shortly after 9/1 1, a poll was taken that showed that there were 982 terrorists attacks in 2002 with a death toll of 3,823. Another poll was taken in 2011 that showed the ere were 4,564 attacks with 7,743 deaths. Although 201 1 seemed like a very “active” yea r for terrorist attacks in the United States, these numbers show a 25% drop in attach KS and deaths from 2007.

Showing that the actions the United States Government AR e taking to step up security around the nations has come out as a benefit to the country. The actions the Government are taking may give off the impression that just AIBO t every American hates them, A study showed that 52% of Americans were satisfied a ND felt fee with the new Immigration Laws and other Security procedure implement De after 9/11.