Terrorism incident management Essay

Usually I finish my daily work at around 17 pm, as a detective you can say that you don’t have, like others, working time, your work may begin or finish any time throughout the day.

More days of work worse for me when I am in charge of covering a terrorism crime, what we all fear is that terrorists seek to force, through the use of fear, the adoption of measures of a police state.[1]That day, I was dispatched to an explosion at a predominately black church whose pastor has recently been in the news due to his support for a particular candidate for local office. On arrival I found the church is heavily damaged on one side and is on fire, oh god…another terrorism crime, as a detective my role was limited to investigate existing people and search for evidence, after 15 minutes, a neighbor rushes over to tell me she saw a young white male come from the back parking lot and enter the church from the front door about 15 minutes before the explosion, first I thought that he could be one of workers but how could a white man work for  a black church, and if he is a tolerant man seeking the scent of the Lord, why did he come from the back parking lot and enter the church from the front door? In this moment I tried to put out my suggestions for possible explanation of such act. It is possible that this man came to the church to complete the act of terrorism, already entered the church and hid explosives without anyone to see. Other suggestion, this man wanted to blow up the church, but was not able to enter and so the blast had occurred for any other reason, finally I suggest that the man is an intruded person wanted to see what is happening inside or wanted to see someone inside the church at this time, and there is a criminal hiding behind the walls. There, I decided to check out fingerprints or any other evidences that can help in accessing truth.

The problem is that people do not have experience dealing with this kind of terrorist attacks, which leaves no opportunity for them to act properly, as well as one of us can not imagine that the churches and places of worship are vulnerable to terrorist attacks which leaves no opportunity to take the proper procedures in dealing with the situation wisely. My role could begin here at this basis, there was a terrorist attack and church was damaged intentionally, until something happened to change the whole situation.A reverend Burns arrives after about 20 minutes and tells me the church was having trouble with their gas furnace and he had called AK Heating and Air, here I should change my plan, I went to the back parking lot and discover their truck. The reverend Burns was right; it was only an accident resulting from unintended negligence of workers. But does that is the actual truth of what happened? Does the priest trying to hide something? Is it possible to have something to be afraid to say? Whether I should change my position considering the incident as a normal accident, and end it up? Of course not, it should not be me.

I tried questioning the largest number of existing people so I make sure no conflict of their answers. Unfortunately, I could not reach a clear evidence of conviction; I could only secure the place to ensure that no new incidents could happen, because if we can not fight terrorism, then at least we can protect the innocent from its risks.Furthermore, I submitted a petition to my superiors to train people working in places of worship around terrorism incident management and emergency procedures, because terrorism is the worst that could hit disarmed civilian who do not expect to be attacked in the most secure places, even in the worship places.Bibliography pageOne reference usedDictionary of Terrorism, John Richard Thackrah, 2nd edition, page5http://books.google.com/[1] Dictionary of Terrorism, John Richard Thackrah, 2nd edition, page5.