Violence, or the threat of violence,
against non-combatants or civilians, usually motivated by political, religious
or ideological beliefs.




These peoples are not worry about the about their lives but take
the lives of those people who have some innocent dreams in their hearts.

Cause of terrorism:

Following are the causes of the terrorism are as follow:

Onset of partition of British India saw
massive killing of non-combatants.

 Pakistan manifestation of Shea-Sunni

 Aid to mujahedeen and Arab afghans

 Terrorism in since the 1980s began primarily
with to the Soviet-Afghan War.

War brought numerous fighters from all
over the world to South Asia in the name of jihad

Post Afghan War 1990 and 1996, the
Pakistani establishment continued to support and the Mujahedeen groups

 9/11 attacks brought this strategy of Pakistan
under increased international study.

Some became recruiting centers for

Effects of terrorism:

·      Lashkar-e-Omar

·       Lashkar-e-Taiba

·       Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan

·       Assassination of Benazir

·      Attack
on Sri Lankan Cricket Team in Lahore, Pakistan.

·       Marriot Blast

·       Lal- Masjid incident

·       Bajur battle (approximately 2023 killed 4000

Facts about terrorism:

is difficult to make statistics about terrorism, but some facts are clearer
than others ……

Around the world about 50 percent of
terrorists actions are bombing, 20 percent are shootings and 30 percent are
kidnappings, hostage taking or hijackings.

20 percent of terrorist actions result in someone being killed

The number of people killed by terrorist
has risen dramatically over the last 20 years.