Tesla Motors Essay

Tesla will take a 30%ofthe cost Assuming each Tesla owner downloads 5 apps the first year at an average price of $10, that is approximately $6M in revenue in 2015 of which Tesla gets Sl . 8M to pay. In Q2 2014 Tesla reported their vehicle margin was 26. 9% on a GAAP basis, and it is clear that apps will only increase vehicle margin. Owners will be buying apps for the entire time they own the vehicle (Americans on average tend to keep new vehicles for almost 6 years), a Tesla ould allow transfer of apps from vehicle to veh icle creating a new form of ‘lock-in. ‘ Tesla is uniquely positioned to lead in this area given that all cars since 201 2 have shipped with the ability to be updated, have dedicated 3G and Wi-Fi connections, and have acres of screen real estate to exploit.

Return of Investment The costs for this can add up. There’s no such thing as a “typical” app, so it’s hard to give a meaningful average cost. But as a general working figure, we can say it costs at least $30,000 to design a brand-quality iPhone app. For nterprise-scale organizations like consumer banks and nationwide retail stores, they have the capital, and the ROI justifies it But if your budget for mobile is under $1 00,000, it may not be a good approach.

The Growth of Tesla Government support is mutually-beneficial Capitalization: Todays Market Cap is estimated at: $30. 75B Tesla Employees: Tesla currently employs over 6,000 employees This number is expected to double when they open their battery Giga- Factory in Reno, NV in 2017. According to Gov. Brian Sandoval, Tesla’s new battery factory is projected to ave a $100B economic impact to the state of NV over the next 20 years.