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Tess Flanigan Mrs. Derstine AP US History December 19, 2017 Which of the following factors was the MOST influential in causing the Civil War? How such great hostility could have aroused within a union that eventually creates a war against fellow citizens should never be a question answered.  Countries have multiple political parties to hear everyone’s voice, view, and perspective.  It is not to form tension, conflict, or even war between peers.  Differences can be good if used for compromise, but can easily transform into distress among everyone if misused.  Political differences were the most influential factor causing the Civil War.   Southern states desired dominance over the federal government so they could nullify any laws they did not benefit from.  This simply is an unrealistic request only because of the reason behind it.  The country cannot survive as one without a central government ensuring the control over chaos within the entire society.  The laws the south specifically wanted to abolish were the ones that interfered with their ability to own slaves as well as take their slaves wherever they pleased.  States’ rights refer to whether the federal government has the ability to control slavery issues.  This struggle was mainly between North and South which created the beginning of a split within a nation. The Mexican-American War of 1846-1848 intensified this division between sides.  The Missouri Compromise of 1820 stated any addition of a slave state requires an addition of a free state.  After the Mexican War, Texas wanted to join the Union as a slave state, however, the country had no free state to add with it.  However, the Republican party, who opposed the expansion of slavery, attained greater importance. Once Lincoln, a Republican, had won the Election of 1860, the Southern states had felt there was no other choice but to secede.  They felt with a Republican as president, the pro-slavery leaders could not keep the south’s voice alive any longer so eventually slavery would be outlawed.  Lincoln had no intention of outlawing slavery, but did not want to expand on it.  With a Republican in office, the south could not take the chance of destroying their economy.  The secession of the Southern states sealed the deal for war.  Lincoln’s entire motive as president was to preserve the union, hence he believed secession was illegal.  Once the South attacked the Union at Fort Sumter, Lincoln had no choice but to fight back for the preservation of the country.   The foundation of the causes of the Civil War began with strong differences in opinions.  These differences involving states’ rights and expansion of slavery were the core of the war.   The North’s economy of manufacturing functioned well without the enslavement of people, however the South relied on slavery which the North did not understand.  There are always two sides to every argument, and each must be heard in order to compromise.