Test Questions on Alice Walker’s The Color Purple Essay

Albert beating Celli symbolizes his love for her. 3. T or F Celli tells the entire story. 4. Tort F Mr.. _ (Albert) is in love with Chug not Celli. 5. Alphorns never revealed that Celli and Nettle were NOT his biological children because: A. He did not want to hurt them B. He thought he was indeed their father C. He wanted their inheritance rights D. He promised their mother he would never reveal the truth 6. Why is a road built through the Links village? A. Because an English rubber plantation is being built B. To make it easier for the Links villagers to travel to a nearby city C. Because new government housing is being built

D. Because the previous road was washed out in a flood 7. Why do Nettle and her family return to the united State in the end of the book? A. They are exiled by the government in Africa B. Nettle has learned about their inheritance C. Nettle and Samuel feel discouraged because they have made little progress in their missionary work 8. Why does Harp gain weight? A. He develops a sweet tooth and overeats B. His medicine has a side effect or weight gain C. He wants to get bigger so he can beat up Sofia D. He drinks too much at his new club 9. In what context is the color purple mentioned in the novel? A.

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It is the color f Squeak’s stage dress B. Chug tells Celli that the color purple signifies strength and power C. Celli writes that the color purple is one of God’s creations and wonders where it comes from D. Celli uses only purple thread in her clothing business 10. What is Collie’s daughter name? A. Tasks B. Olivia C. Sylvia D. Sofia 1 1 . Why does Chorine suspect that Samuel and Nettle once had an affair? A. Chorine and Samuels adopted children closely resemble Nettle B. Samuel is always happy around Nettle C. Samuel had been secretive ever since Nettle moved in D. Nettle seems inordinately attached to Corrine’s children 12.

What is squeak’s real name? A. Eleanor Jane B. Mary Agnes C. Mary Avery D. Squeak 13. How does Chug suggest Celli to believe in God again? A. As a white, bearded man B. As a black, bearded mad C. As the color purple D. As an “IT” 14. Why does Celli move from Georgia to Tennessee at the end of the book? A. To start her sewing business B. Chug wants her out of the house C. Alphorns dies so she finally inherits her house D. The music is better in Georgia 15. What painful process does Tasks undergo while still in Africa? A. She has a lip plate implanted in her lower lip B. She gets an abdominal tattoo that represents her ancestry C.