Test questions Essay

1.  A sometimes fatal bacterial infection associated with tampon use during menstruation is called: a) prostaglandis, b) corpus luteum, c) tampon aureus, d) toxic shock syndrome, e) none of the above

2. When the fertilized egg implants somewhere other than the uterus, we call it: a) Amniocentesis, b) miscarriage, c) preeclampsia, d) an ectopic pregnancy, e) none of the above

3. The feeling of disappointment experienced by teenage girls at first intercourse when it is not as thrilling as they expected is known as : a) double standard, b) coitus, c) Peggy Lee syndrome, d) Lenghtening Pictus Effect

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4. Which of the following is not one of the four attitudes toward premarital intercourse: a) abstinence, b) permissiveness with affection, c) permissiveness without affection, d) double standard, e) none of the above, f) all of the above

5. Which of the following theory postulates that individuals prefer people who are similar because interaction with them is rewarding: a) Matching Reward Theory, b) Double Bind Theory, c) Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love, d) Byrne’s Law of Attraction, e) Reciprocal Law Theory of Attraction

6. Which of the following is a fundamental component of the Triangular Theory of Love: a) commitment, b) passion, c) intimacy, d)attachment, e) all of the above, f) all except d

7. Which of the following theories proposed that homosexuality is the result of living in a home where you find a dominant mother and a weak or passive father: a) Bern’s Interactionist Theory, b) Catalic Converter Theory, c) Milk Harvey Reverse Action Theory, d) Bieber’s Research

8. A person who derives sexual gratification from cross-dressing is called: a) a form fetish, b) a masochist, c) a transvestite, d) exhibitionist

9. The man who batters his wife is also likely to rape her. T or F

10. The number one reason why women enter prostitution is economics. T or F

11. Premature ejaculation is more often caused by physical factors rather than psychological factors T or F

12. Chlamydia is never curable, but treatable. T or F

13. Gonorrhea is the oldest of the sexual diseases. T or F

14. Most women who have gonorrhea are asymptomatic in the early stages of the disease. T or F

15. There is a vaccine against hepatitis B. T or F

16. Roman Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Jews oppose any “artificial” means of contraception. T or F

17. According to the Supreme Court, obscenity is not protected by the First Amendment. T or F

18. Native American women living on reservations are denied federal funding for abortions and no Indian Health Service clinics or hospitals may perform abortions even when paid for with private funds. T or F

19. A man who donates his sperm to a sperm bank renounces any right to further contact with children who may be conceived, however, no equivalent principles have been established for women who donate eggs or a uterus. T or F

20. Young people would like to hear about sex from their parents. T or F

21. Our society’s standards are in the minority in one way, in that in most cultures a plump woman is considered more attractive than a thin one. T or F

22. One of the problems with the Kinsey Report is that there was an erroneous reporting of the high incidence of homosexual behavior. T or F

23. The size of the prostrate can be determined by rectal examination. T or F

24. A month after menarche, a girl is capable of becoming pregnant. T or F

25. Testosterone levels in women peak at ovulation. T or F

26. For the first eight weeks of gestation the product of conception is called an embryo. T or F

27. Hysterotomy can be a surgical method of abortion. T or F

28. Orgasm in both men AND women consists of a series of rhythmic contractions at 0.8 intervals. T or F

29. Women do not enter into a refractory period. T or F

30. It is possible when the ejaculate, rather than going out through the tip of the penis, empties into the bladder. T or F

31. Androgens, not estrogen, are related to sexual desire in women. T or F

32. According to your book, the evidence that mass media portrayals have an important impact on adolescent sexual knowledge, attitudes, and behavior is not conclusive. T or F

33. Most couples who choose cohabitation and marry are more likely to end in divorce than marriages that are not preceded by cohabitation. T or F

34. Most married men masturbate at least once a week. T or F

35. Most men engage in extramarital sex during their first marriage. T or F

36. Sex hormone production is affect by a hysterectomy. T or F

37. There is a greater risk of having a heart attack caused by sexual activity with those patients with a history of cardiac disease. T or F

38. Attractive people self-disclose more and people disclose more to attractive people. T or F

39. There are more difference than similarity across cultures, in standards of physical attractiveness. T or F

40. Gender stereotypes in the media can affect behavior. T or F

41. Women can sometimes be unaware of their own physical arousal. T or F

42. As a man gets older, the focus of his sexuality is not so completely genital. Sex becomes a more sensuously diffuse experience and has a greater emotional component. T or F

43. More Americans believe that sexual relations between adults of the same sex is always wrong, than not wrong at all. T or F

44. Ten percent of Americans are exclusively homosexual. T or F

45. On an average, men and women are quite similar in their responses to erotic materials but women can sometimes be unaware of their own physical arousal. True or False