Testimonial Essay


1.      Describe the condition and how it affected my activities and life style.

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I am currently serving for the military and during my unwavering service; I hurt my lower back and legs. The injuries made me suffer immense pain for about two years that largely affect my lifestyle and how I do things. Before the injury, I am quick and hasty in everything I do. I make sure that I swiftly accomplish tasks assigned to me. However, due to the pain brought by the injury it slowed down my movements and take me longer than usual in doing things.

2.      Describe the condition after being treated and the changes to the quality of my life.

Treatment is the only key I saw in alleviating the pain that I suffer for quite a long time.

After being treated by a good physician, the pain drastically dropped at a minimum level. The pain is sometimes present but it is tolerable. However, there are times that I felt no pain in my lower back and legs. Because of the good treatment, I can now keep up with the other soldiers.

3.      Describe my experience during the treatment.

In a modern world like ours, we often rely on the products of science and technology. At first, I thought acupuncture is only a form of conventional medical practice that have low success rate in healing patients. However, I was proven wrong, it alleviate the pain that I have been having for two years. I thought acupuncture is scary and painful, imagining needles being stuck in your epidermis but it only felt like a light pinch.

4.      Describe the Staff and overall experience.

I also extend my immense gratitude to the friendly and caring doctors and staff of the hospital. The whole experience is new to me but being around the hospitable medical practitioners made me feel comfortable and peaceful. I highly recommend their good and quality service to everyone.