Testing for Steroid Use Essay

Steroids were made available in the market basically to cure illness associated with the problem in the reproductive system of a person. In male, steroids are used to cure the abnormal reproduction of testosterone, the male hormone. But steroids can fuel muscle tissue to grow by imitating the effects of the male hormone. Because oft this reason, many people take advantage on the effects of steroid to the body. Especially the athletes were they need to have strong body to cope in every practice and game.Because of this alarming point, the governor of New Jersey, Richard Codey, made a quick response on the arbitrary checking of steroid users among the high school athletes in the said state. New Jersey was the first state to make a decision on the fight against the use of steroids among high school athletes. Codey was alarmed by the rising users of steroids.

As a response to this, Codey made a team that will randomly check an athlete uses a steroid.From the survey of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there was an increase from 3.1% in 1998 to 6.1% in 2003. According to the member of the team, that is responsible on the random testing, the main driving force why high school students tend to use steroids is because on the higher chance of getting scholarship if they are admitted to the sports were they play.The plan of Codey is to randomly select 5% from the total high school athletes in New Jersey.

If an athlete was proven to be using steroids, he or she will be automatically be suspended and other penalties that may imposed by the university. Because of these consequences, the response to the alarming use of steroids was successful. Many athletes and coaches were happy about the result of the program because this will make sports game equal.  (Bell)Even though the plan of Codey was successful in fighting the use of steroids, there were critics about the cost and the privacy issues among the athletes. Deborah Jacobs, director of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, points out the privacy of the athlete being examined.

She said that, it’s the family of the athletes that has right in making decision regarding on the testing of their children on the usage of steroids. (Bell)Reference:Bell, Anne. “New Jersey Tests High School Athletes for Steroids.” NewsHour Extra 2007.