Testing memory Essay

            Testing is said to enhance learners’ memory. In proving this hypothesis experiments are made that follows the scientific methods.

Starting with identifying the problem which is, does regular testing develop the memory of a pupil?            Once the problem was identified, and data were collected, testing is next. Several studies were made dealing with the same theory. “Testing enhances memory” (Roediger & Karpicke, 2006). From those studies, this experiment was based.

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There are three groups of 20 high school students with an equal number of boys and girls is the scope of the study because they are commonly involve to testing, all are coming from the same year level therefore with the same age, having the same instructor in history subject thus assuring that all variables are kept constant except for the testing process because it is the test effect we are trying to proved thus making it as the independent variables. The test will last for 45 minutes; one day per group to ensure that takers will have the same condition when they take the same test.            On the first day the 0-test group will be given the chapter from the history lesson. The class will then be instructed that they have 30 minutes to study the text and will be given a 30 items identification type of items test at the end of the thirty minutes. On the second day the 3-test will also be given with the same text but they will be tested every ten minutes.

Same procedure on the last group on the third day but they will be tested every five minutes.  Tests will be scored by percentage. These tests will be averaged across the classroom groups; moreover the scores will be tabulated and recorded for analysis.

Results show that the second group who took the test frequently scored the highest (87%) compared to the first and last groups who scored (40% and 67%) respectively.As a conclusion, the hypothesis of this experiment is true and can be subjected to further studies with changes or addition of anther factor, thus replicated with similar, if not the same results. As an end, time is perfect to continue with more thorough test to the assets of testing and the influence of enhancing not only our self as well as our educational system.Test takersNumber of items answered correctly(test scores) out of 30 item testTotal number of scores.Average of the Scores: Total Scores/20 * 100First testSecond TestThird TestGROUP 1BoysGirlsGROUP 2BoysGirlsGROUP 3BoysGirlsBlank template where the data will be recorded as it collected.Reference: Roediger, H.L.

, & Karpicke, J.D. (2006). Test-enhanced learning: Taking memory tests improves long-term retention. Association for Psychological Science, 17(3), 249-255.