Texas Politics Essay

Texas Politics

Texas Constitution

            Constitutions refer to that body of laws that serve as the fundamental law of lands, states and countries. As much as governmental, social and legal aspects of every territory differ from one another, their constitutions also differ accordingly.  In the United States, states have their own state constitutions and they necessarily differ from one another despite the fact that they belong to one country guiding one group of people-the Americans.  The Texas Constitution is one of those state constitutions that differ from among the other state constitutions in the United States.

According to the article Texas Constitution (2009), the Texas Constitution took effect on February 15, 1876.  Like any other state or constitution, it contains all the pertinent provisions that set forth guideline sin the conduct of the government, recognizes rights and obligations, among others.  Also, the Texas Constitution was described as “one of the longest state constitutions in the United States” (Texas Constitution, 2009).

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Considering this fact, it can be considered that this can be both strength and a weakness for this specific constitution.  This is strength in the sense that the length of the constitution only reflects that it is able to cover all aspects that the law and a constitution must cover.  It is a weakness because the length of the constitution can hamper understanding and can cause the possibility of confusion and conflict between provisions within the constitution.

However, the Texas Constitution is very much different form the rest of the states, or at least it can be said that Texas politics is different from the rest of that of the states.  For example, unlike other states, Texas has more than one constitution.  If there would be something that should be revised about the Texas Constitution, it should be for the adoption of only one Constitution because having more than one constitution negates the very purpose of having a constitution, which to serve as the fundamental law where all other legislations and laws shall follow.   The fact that there is more than one constitution in Texas can also cause to diminish the respect that a Constitution should earn especially from among the citizens who are bound to follow the same.

The availability of more that one constitution, in the same way can also not prevent the possibility that provisions between these constitutions may conflict.  In this regard, it would be best if the Texas government will only follow one Constitution and this can be achieved by considering a consolidation of all of the constitutions to avoid redundancy and to address conflicts between the provisions.  This can also result to a shorter, more simplified and shortened constitution without necessary reduction in its substantial contents.

Texas is one of the most productive states in the United States and where politics is most active resulting to the fact that many of the United States’ most powerful leaders came from Texas.  In this regard, in order to hone better leaders, it could be best that changes be incorporated at the state level in Texas so that Texan leaders can become more reliable and productive leaders of the United States in the future.


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