That she went into the bathroom, where

That morning…”Good morning,” Weiss said, and she stood up and went out of bed.”Good mrow-ning.” Yang said.”Good mo-” Weiss said. Weiss didn’t finish her sentence.”Wait a minute… Blake.. did you just… crack a pun?” Weiss asked.”Of course! Puns are my thing! And my name is not Blake! My name’s Yang!” Yang said.”You are not Yang… Yang doesn’t have black hair and cat ears!” Weiss said.”Sis. Why are you so rude today?” Yang asked.”Sis?” Weiss asked, and she left the team room. Then, she went into the bathroom, and she looked in the mirror. She couldn’t believe her eyes; she saw Ruby Rose and not herself!”What’s going on?” Weiss asked herself, and she went back into her team room, where she accidentally bumped into someone. Weiss looked up. She saw herself!”W-Why am I standing over there?” Weiss asked.”Why amĀ IĀ standing over there?” Ruby asked. Ruby went outside, and she went into the bathroom, where she looked in the mirror. She saw Weiss Schnee. She went back into the team room.”W-Weiss. I’m afraid we changed bodies.” Ruby said.”Okay, stop the joke!” Yang said.”But Yang! You just woke up inside Blake’s body!” Weiss said. Yang left the team room, and she went into the bathroom, where she looked in the mirror. She saw Blake Belladonna. Yang left the bathroom, and she went back inside the team room.”That means that… Blake just woke up inside my body.” Yang said.”What’s wrong?” Blake asked, and she woke up. She stepped out of her bed, and when she saw her own body in the team room, she raised an eyebrow in confusion.”I understand you’re confused, Blake.. but you just woke up in my body,” Yang said. Blake immediately noticed that her cat ears were missing.”We have to find a way to get back to our original bodies,” Weiss said.”Classes start in two minutes!” Ruby said.Later, in Grimm studies class…”So, who wants to fight this Grimm?” Professor Port asked. There was a cage standing next to him, which had a Grimm inside it. Nobody raised his/her hand.”Well, then I’ll just choose a student. Miss Schnee!” Professor Port said. Ruby woke up.”I need to get my weapons first,” Ruby said.”But Miss Schnee, you have your semblance!” Professor Port said. Ruby reluctantly went downstairs, and before she knew it, she was standing in front of the class, while being in Weiss’ body. Weiss tried to tell Ruby not to fight the Grimm, but Ruby didn’t understand Weiss’ hand gestures. Professor Port opened the cage, and the Grimm left the cage. Then, the Grimm started running towards Ruby. Ruby didn’t know what to do, so she tried to use Weiss’ ice powers to kill the Grimm. It wasn’t easy, and the Grimm ended up hitting Ruby in her knee.”No! My body!” Weiss whispered frustratedly. Ruby ran away from the Grimm, and she finally managed to use Weiss’ ice powers. She shot an ice ray at the Grimm, and the Grimm got its tail stuck in a batch of ice. Then, Ruby tried to shoot another ice ray to kill the Grimm, however, it went much slower all of the sudden. She did manage to kill the Grimm, but by then, a lot of time has passed.Later, in the dining hall…”Can’t we just tell the other students that we switched bodies?” Weiss asked.”No. Nobody will believe us. My advice is to split up.” Yang said. Then, Weiss, Ruby, Yang, and Blake split up for the rest of the day. Weiss bumped into Jaune.”Oh, hi Ruby!” Jaune said.”Get out of my way,” Weiss said.”Ruby.. why are you so rude all of the sudden?” Jaune asked.”I said: Get. away!” Weiss shouted. Jaune ran away. Meanwhile, Yang ran into Nora Valkyrie.”Hi Blake,” Nora said.”Oh ehm.. Hi Nora, how are you doing?” Yang asked.”Wow, Blake… I never knew you had a talkative side.” Nora said.”Y-yeah… I know.” Yang said, and she and Nora continued talking. Meanwhile, Ruby ran into Pyrrha.”Oh, sorry Pyrrha! Are you okay? Are you hurt?” Ruby asked.”Weiss… you’re acting a bit different,” Pyrrha said.”Yeah… I’m just feeling very cheerful, you know?” Ruby said.The next day…Ruby woke up, and she went out of bed. Then, she left the team room, and she immediately went into the bathroom. She looked in the mirror, and she saw herself.”It looks like.. everything is back to normal,” Ruby said.Later, on their way to classes…”I still don’t understand how we changed bodies. And I don’t understand how we returned to our original bodies.” Weiss said.”I don’t know either… but it’s all over now, and that’s what matters,” Yang said. Team RWBY walked past Team JNPR when they were walking through the corridor. Jaune looked angrily at Ruby. Then, Nora walked towards Blake.”Hey, Blake! Do you got any jokes left?” Nora asked.”E-excuse me?” Blake asked.”Is your talkative side gone all of the sudden?” Nora asked.”I-I’ll tell you a joke later,” Blake lied.”Why is Jaune looking so angrily at me?” Ruby asked herself.”Hey, Weiss! Are you still feeling cheerful?” Pyrrha asked.”N-no,” Weiss said.”O, okay,” Pyrrha said, and Team JNPR continued walking.”Something tells me some that some really weird stuff happened since we’ve split up yesterday,” Weiss said. Then, Yang accidentally bumped into someone. Yang looked up, and she saw Velvet Scarlatina.”V-Velvet?” Yang asked. Velvet punched Yang in the face.”I’m not Velvet Scarlatina.. I just woke up inside her body. I’m Cardin Winchester.”