Thbt Dsa Has Done More Harm Than Good (Prop) Essay

Moving on to my substantive, when a child uses his achievement in his CCA or his academic results, he will be put in that CCA or a special stream. The student is expected to commit to that CCA or stay in that special stream for 4 years, or 6 years if the student takes the Integrated Programme for secondary school and Junior College. Initially, the child may have a great potential or interest for that activity or subject and thus, want to continue it in secondary school. We have to understand that 4 years in the least is definitely not a short period of time.

The student has to make a proper decision that will determine the path he takes in his secondary stage of his education. However, we all know that when they enter the next stage of education, be it secondary school or Junior College, there will be much more opportunities for the student to try out new activities. He will also have lots of exposure to other different academic subjects being literature, history or geography. The student may find great interest in those and want to take up those subjects or that particular CCA that appeals to him.

However, he still has to continue to take up the CCA he had chosen to DSA or stay in that special stream he is put in. Furthermore, as he is introduced to other activities, he may slowly start to lose interest in his previous CCA. This also bring me to merge in my second point of late bloomers. There will be a large group of students that may only discover their hidden talent and potential at a late age. It’s only right and best that that student pursues that activity so that they are able to develop that talent and bring out the best in it. However he is unable to do so as he has made the decision to commit to another activity.

Even if the student chooses to take up both CCAs at the same time. He will have a packed schedule and will have to put aside a considerable amount of time for both CCAs. Thus, the student is not able to develop and nurture his potential and this is a detriment to the student. Furthermore, if the school he had chosen to go to does not have that good a programme to nurture his new-found talent and it will also be wasted. Thus, the commitment that comes with DSA is a very heavy one that causes the detriment of the child not being able to nurture his talent, DSA has done more harm than good. Thus, this motion must stand.