The 1950 Essay


The decade of the 50’s saw the major transformations of the country after having been into several wars. The political atmosphere was not conducive to the” changes” that the people wanted since not much laws were implemented ensuring a better and improved way of living. The country was plagued with socio-economic problems brought about by internal issues particularly on civil rights, migration, inflation and other changes can’t be implemented abruptly since the government was also facing external pressures brought about by the wars wherein the country or its allies were involved.  The changes that the people were hoping have started gaining its way during the middle of the 50’s wherein new laws and policies were realized during the term of a newly-elected president and his officials.

The 1950’s era was one of the most significant in history both in political and economic reforms as initiated by President Dwight Eisenhower who was considered as one of the popular presidents of the country having served two terms. Being a military general before becoming a president, he became concerned of foreign political and military affairs particularly with those countries involved in wars. It was in his term that several peace treaties were signed considering the Cold War era was going on during that time, although not all of his foreign political decisions were acceptable to the majority, Pres. Eisenhower was still able to show a better outcome than what was negatively expected. There were several firsts during his term such as the start of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the U.S. Highway System, the public school integration, the expanded scope of the Social Security and other highly important domestic and foreign policies (cited in Quazen, 2009).

Taking a closer look at the 50’s during the term of a popular president who served for two-terms, may not be as perfect and heaven-made considering the several lapses in judgments, policies, laws and personal views of the president himself and his officials which may have had adverse effects on the country’s socio-economic and political situation. He may not actually brought into reality of having a prosperous and contented country because there still is unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, social unrest and discrimination, war-stricken allies and threats of communism (Miller Center, 2009). The lapses during the term of Pres. Eisenhower were not even half enough to discredit the many accomplishments he had made and the contentment of the majority of the people on how he deals with the country’s problems and the implementation of laws to meet and solve them. Indeed, President Dwight Eisenhower has every reason to serve twice his term and considered his terms as fabulous and exciting era.


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