The for further development in this area.

The Government spends money on Public
Services for many reasons – which are outlined below. 

Reason 1: The government spends money to
supply goods; services and facilities that the private sector fails to do so.
This would include spending money on defence, roads, hospitals, schools and
welfare payments for Irish citizens. The percentage of our income that is spent
on Public Services such as welfare, health and education in Ireland is
reasonably lower that other EU countries. We have a reasonably low tax rate for
one that would be on middle or average income – resulting in less money being
spent on these services. Countries have different preferences in terms of their
spending and Ireland. In 2008 during the Recession Ireland spent 6% of Gross
National Product on Public Investment compared to three times that in 2015. (John
Fitzgerald Irish Times, 2015) Public Spending is now on its way to steady and
sustainable expenditure planning and practical expenditure at the core of the
objectives for the next three years. (Government of Ireland, 2018)

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END) Strengthened economic growth combined with
continued careful management of the public finances mean that it is possible to
increase resources for public services and infrastructure for a third year in
succession in Ireland. Rephrase (





2 – 460 words – Government Spending in Childcare – Explain ECCE scheme

The Government brought
in a scheme for preschools and crèches in 2010. This scheme allows children from the age
of 2years and 8 months to attend a childcare setting for 3 hours a day free of
charge. It provides children of this age with their first formal learning
experience in preparation for primary school. This scheme also accommodates
children with disabilities. There is an Access and Inclusion Model in place,
this is where the government gives extra funding for extra resources and extra
staff in the setting. In the Budget 2018 an extra 20 million was allocated for
further development in this area. Early Childhood Ireland released a statement
stating this investment was essential to Ireland meeting the international
benchmark of 1% GDP investment in Early Years Education. (Early Childhood
Ireland, 2017)





3 – 460 words – Benefit 1

Within this particular field of Early Childhood
Education. The ECCE scheme has been a success. It has brought higher
percentages of children into the education system from an earlier age