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The world of the Arts is the door to artistic, cultural, historical and personal enrichment. With motivation and effort, I strongly believe that it would also lead me to truly interesting career opportunities, most notably as far as I am concerned, a Museum of Art manager. Art is one of the most appealing and diverse subjects you can work with as it expresses itself through various supports. It allows you to gain access to various cultures throughout the world, their beliefs and history through a single still image, a sculpture or even a white canvas.

Art is an uncompromised, satirical and beautiful gateway to the world and the history of mankind. Art is not only beautiful, choking, impressive or esthetical, Art is a testimony of historical patrimony, and this is one of the main reasons I want to pursue a insert name of course e.g. Masters of Arts in XXX with the insert name of university/ school.

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My interest in the subject started in my school years during which I obtained outstanding grades in History and Art. This further drive my motivation and aspiration to achieve greater heights in the field of Art. In my spare time I develop a great enthusiasm for Art appreciation in museums. When I am 13, my grandfather brought me on my first visit trip to the Singapore Arts Museum. I am fascinated by both the richness of cultural depth surrounding our space and the intensity of our historical roots expressed through as a form of Art. Ever since then, I consider my maiden journey to the world of Arts to have began and the exploration from then is limitless.

During my professional experience I am fortunate enough to joined the National University Museum as an Insert your post/ job title. I am the overall in-charge of operations and oversee the day-to-day activities of the museum. Through my one and half year of work experience, I acquire a great deal of knowledge of operating and managing a museum. I enjoy working together with other friendly colleagues from other teams in the museum, and they include the Curators team, Outreach team, Collections team and Admin Finance Team. I must say this really is a great experience with Art itself.

I have also been fortunate enough to work as a part-time gallery sitter with the Singapore Art Museum for a short stint of 4 months. My scope of work mainly lies in ensuring the art works and gallery are operational at all times, which I believe, have greatly expand my horizons and experiences with the arts. Outside my work, I very much enjoy attending exhibitions opening and going to museums. I am also keen to learn more in the management and execution of art events and I aspire to do so one day with my own team.

All this considered, I would like to make Art a greater part of my life and turn my passion for the subject into a career. I aim to work with a large museum and gallery exhibitor, as a Fine Art manager. As a mature professional, I can truly benefit from the cultural background I acquired through my personal and professional activities and achieve success in my career.

I realize I still have so much to learn and discover and I believe that the insert name of course e.g. Masters of Arts in XXX with the insert name of university/ school presents me with the perfect opportunity to achieve and realize my goals.