The Abrahamic religions Essay

Bahai is another manifestation of Abrahamic religions that is relatively infant as it was established in 19 century. Bahai takes into account the sequential trend in the Abrahamic religions and consider itself as the next religion in line with Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This sequential trend demonstrates that God revealed its teachings to the mankind through a series of messengers whose teachings were suited according to the contemporary times and each Divine envoy informed about another impending messenger. The latest in the line of these messenger is Bahá’u’lláh (spiritual leader and founder of Bahaism).  Bahai belief says that there is only one religion and different faith teaching monotheism are different manifestation and interpretation of this religion adopted according to the contemporary needs.

Bahai has similar monotheistic teachings that are akin to Islamic and Christian beliefs.  Their ritualism is more or less analogous to Islam and it seems a shoot of Islam in many ways.

Like Islam, Bahai beliefs asserts about a rational human beings that recognizes presence and position an omnipotent God and this recognition then requires to conform to teachings of His Creator revealed  through the messenger. This recognition coupled with ritualistic prayers are means to get closer to the Creator spiritually. This is the ultimate objective and fulfillment of the “rational soul”.

Conception of God and Unity of religions: Another idea that binds Bahai with other Abrahamic religions is conception of God. Bahaullah is of the view that God is one and every religion taught of same Almighty. The difference between descriptions and ascriptions of God is due to the subjective interpretation and description of the person who makes the description and/or attributes qualities to God. Furthermore, like Islamic beliefs, Bahai is of the view that God can not turn out to be personified into a human being. This conception is against Christian beliefs where Christ is considered as an incarnation of God. Unlike Islam and Judiaism, Bahai does not consider their religion and final and their message as absolute and complete. So Bahai faith stresses the need of inter-religion dialogue and believe that in this way, one religion can transform and modify each other. As the ultimate search of each religion is the absolute truth so this transformation a help acquiring the ultimate truth.

Although Bahai religion has a small circle of followers that does not exceed 6 million but Bahai religion takes into account the contemporary issues and suggests solution to it. It looked forward for a global human unity and envisaged a world government on the patterns of United Nations or League of Nations. It further cherishes the modern ideals of equality of mankind, eradication of gender discrimination and elimination of religious conflicts and tensions. Bahai is strictly monotheistic and adherence to the teaching of its messenger is strictly observed.

Create a bullet point style listing of the similarities and dissimilarities concerning the role of Jesus in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Baha’i.


·         Christianity, Islam and Bahai religion consider Jesus as messenger of God.

·         All these religions consider the preaching of Jesus as true Divine teachings reveled on him by God.


·         Christianity Consider Jesus as an incarnation of God whereas Islam and Bahai are of the view that God can not incarnate into human beings

·         Islam and Bahai religions believe that Jesus was born to put the humanity of right path and will be resurrected again near Judgment day

·         Christianity believes that Jesus sacrificed her life for the ultimate transcendentalism and purified human of its impurities and sins.