The addition to the connectors mentioned above

The raspberry is a credit card sized computer originally
designed to help children to program but over the past few years the Pi has
been used in more and more applications other than education. Many new
businesses can take advantage of this low-cost computer to run small scale

 Although the
Raspberry Pi is small it is still able to function like a regular desktop
computer which makes operation smooth and simple. Both the Pi B+ and the Pi 2B
are equipped with 4 USB ports and an ethernet network port along with 40 GPIO
headers making it simpler to connect with other devices in any given

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The Raspberry Pi is built with a SoC (System on a Chip)
design, meaning all the components are mounted on the one board like a mobile
phone. This SoC contains an ARM processor for processing applications and a GPU
(Graphical Processing Unit) for processing videos. To improve connectivity in
addition to the connectors mentioned above a range of other peripherals have
been added to several of the models such as HDMI support to allow connection to
a TV or monitor to vies the desktop. Some of the models support internet access
through USB or Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi. Memory for the system and programming
applications are stored on a SD card. As mentioned above many Raspberry Pi
models are designed with a GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) interface which
allows the Pi to power electronic circuits and to interact with them. These pins
are directly connected to the Broadcom chip on the Raspberry Pi which includes
a number of built in interfacing features; 17 digital I/O pins allowing the
Raspberry Pi to animate the electronic circuit. Also on the Broadcom chip is a
PWM output which controls the speed of electronic motors

The operating system for the Pi is called Raspbian based on
a Linux system which has been optimised for Raspberry Pi specifics. An OS is a
set of basic programs and operations that make the Raspberry Pi work. Raspbian offers
a range of software and applications such as numerous programming languages,
word processing, simple Pi built games and graphical programs. Raspbian can be
downloaded onto a USB via the website. Currently Raspbian
Jessie is the most up-to-date version of the software.

Using python to code the raspberry Pi means that because the
programs are generally more compacted they take less storage capacity and can
be run easily by the driver.