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The British rule in India is known through history. The reasons why British colonized India might have been economic interest that they had over India. Due to this, British settled their administration there and controlled India. The British tent to create their own society in India and settled having all of the advantages. This settlement of British in India, the way they ruled the colonized country, the way they behaved towards the locals and their lives there, are best described in E.M Forster’s “A Passage to India”. It should be mentioned that “A Passage to India” is a novel that criticizes not only the British administration of India but as a sociological novel that discusses the obstacles that forbids the friendship between people belonging to different nations and cultures. “A Passage to India” treats the subject of relationships that existed between British and Indian, the East and West, when the British used to colonize India and ruled based on their laws. The novel treats the relations between the colonizers and the colonized, the difficulties that they had in establishing relationships while belonging to different cultures thus tempting to destroy the cultural boundaries among them. Through the entire story of “A Passage to India”, we can clearly see the problems that the colonialists and the local people have regarding integration. British, being the colonialists of India, believe they have the right to suppress the local people. The British acted sometimes ruthlessly toward the locals believing they are allowed to do whatever they want since they thought Indians to be of lower social class in comparison to theirs. The poet uses juxtaposition to compare and contrast the two cultures. We can percept their differences regarding their social classes, their education, their way of living.

Being one of the most significant themes of “A Passage to India”, it would be worth analyzing the novel by the aspect of friendship. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to analyze the complexity of creating relationships between people of different nations, the obstacles that characters of “A Passage to India” deal with and the conflicts between them.

The paper is divided into parts. Firstly, it will be given the author’s early life, his career and some of his most notable work, to continue with the relevant information about the novel so that the reader has more information about it in general. The paper will contain a summary of the three parts of the book which would make it easier to understand the essence of the story. Since cultural identity is a crucial aspect of the novel, it will be discussed specifically as a theme which actually is the barrier between the characters of the novel. Because the story of the novel involves the period when India was ruled by Great Britain, colonization will be further discussed here and the way colonization played an important part in creating friendships between the British and the Indians. To proceed with the most important part of the paper, the theme of friendship and its difficulties in establishing one and conflicts between the characters that will be examined before the whole paper will be concluded in the last section.