The Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Advertising 1 Essay

The advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising In the last five to ten years, it has become increasing number of people to use internet for working and studying. This tendency looks set to continue in the future. According to this effect, a large number of advertisements have appeared on the internet. This essay will discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising. There are four main advantages of internet advertising. The first benefit is the speed of spread. The Internet is open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Smith 2005).

People can browse the advertisement anytime. Secondly, the advertisement can be spread everywhere. The internet connects with each country’s web site. Thirdly, the cost of spreading advertisement is cheaper than other ways (Smith 2005). For example, a magazine firm, the company can transfer the announcement of products directly without employing other media (Smith 2005). The final advantage is that the advertisement is full of life on the internet. People could see many exciting short film about goods.

If people buy a newspaper or magazine, just some pictures without color on the paper. For instance, an advertisement about mobile phone, people only see the surface of phone, but when people watch the short film, many functions and features are showed for customers. There are also four main disadvantages of internet advertising. The first drawback is easily to have outdated information (Smith 2005). Plenty of information has been updated every day. If a company wants to attract more customers, the advertising should be changed frequently.

The second disadvantage is that more competitors are fighting on the internet. Many companies invested the asset of advertising on the internet. A lot of different kinds of goods can be chosen by customers. Thirdly, the advertisement of web page has some problems. Not only few stereotypes about advertising are still appeared, but also more free space is wasted on the web page. The final drawback is the safety (Smith 2005). The abominable virus usually attacks the customers’ computer.

In conclusion, there are many main advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising. The advantages include the speed of spread, the area of spread, the lower cost of spread and the advertisement is full of life on the internet. The disadvantages are outdated information, more competitors, make-up of advertisement and the security of internet. It seems likely that growing number of drawbacks will enter the internet advertising in the future, so the advertisement on the internet should be improved continually.