The us today. In the industrial revolution

The industrial Revolution is the big transition and change to new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840. The industrial revolution caused many things that were either positive or negative towards the community. Many know that the Industrial revolution affected us in many ways such as in the past like it affects us today.    In the industrial revolution there was a dramatic change of the population in England document A1 shows that. In A1 it shows how over time the population of England in five different cities increased, this demonstrates a positive affect in the community because More people came to the city for better opportunities. It had many benefits during that time due to the fact that factories had greater accessibility, and there was more mass production which would benefit england’s economy. Lastly a major positive effect from the revolution is that Parents do not have to pay tuition for students to get an education because the children were always busing working. This positive effect is shown in D1, just how D1 was positive it is also negative because that means that the children are left ignorant and they would not receive an education since they are stuck in child labor just because factories don’t have to waist as much money on children compared to adults. On the other hand there were also a few negative effects due to an increase in population during that time period because of the fact that the city was overpopulated and corrupt that there were moments in which there wouldn’t be enough crops to sustain all the people and keep them all alive, and the poor people were forced to work in factories for the rest of their lives even if they didn’t want to. Also in document D1 it shows many negative effects that were caused during that time period of the industrial revolution because it shows how pollution in London is affecting people and animals since the people are getting skinny, the animals are dying, and the river is full of bacteria and it is overflowing. The reason this is a negative effect is because young unskilled children were working in filthy factories and contaminated one another with bacteria they would die with pollution. Those are some of the horrifying and positive things that occurred during the time period in which the revolution was taking place.        Many people may not notice but the industrial revolution has impacted our daily lives both in a negative and positive way. For instance A2 shows us that the revolution was a success because of the fact that technology advancements benefits us today because it shows how from your house humans are now able to reach work and school from home by a mobile device. This is a positive benefit to us today because if you are sick or uncapable to arriving to work sometimes just from you’re lovely bed you can communicate an do the same work you do in a office from home thanks to the industrial revolution and its technological advancements.A negative effect in which the industrial revolution caused was how greenhouse gases and driving cars are affecting the environment because it is getting polluted. When our environment is getting polluted that isn’t a good sign because the air is contaminated with bacteria. This is affecting us today because due to the technological advancements from the revolution such as making the car is causing global warming in our world today.       If we were to go back in time and the industrial revolution never occurred then we would not be living where we live today we would be living in muddy places out in the woods made out of not sturdy materials, having to grow/plant our own food, and make our own clothing. This would be very difficult for us we would also not have electricity and that is the main thing that we use in our daily lives in order to see during pitch black nights, to charge our phones, to cook. Imagine living in a world with no electricity not only that imagine not having the opportunity to go shopping. If it wasn’t for the industrial revolution we would not be able to do 80% of the things that we do in our daily lives because the revolution recrated the world started a new life and made it more efficient.          As one can see after reading the documents and realizing how powerful and significant the industrial revolution was to our world one can realize that if it wasn’t for the revolution we would not live in the world we live in today because everything we use such as simple things as toilet paper or a toothbrush is made because of manufacturing which was started in the revolution. Although the times that the poor children and adults went through were not the most pleasant it helped us out to live how we live today in a world of knowledge. Thanks to the industrial revolution it opened a new journey for factories, manufacturing, and industrialization.