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The following report is based on three different experiments that I have carried out. I now know what I did well and what I could have done better. I know this from self assessing my work and performance. I was then able to reflect on what I had done and come up with solutions if I were to carry out any of these experiments again. I would say my practicals were as near accurate as I could get, which showed in my results, as they were accurate results. During my experiments, I would say I didn’t work as quickly and efficiently as I could have; for example, when carrying out my titrations, I took longer than expected but I did get quicker as I practiced. I think I would be able to finish practicals quicker next time as I have had plenty of practise. Cleaning every piece of equipment with distilled water became quite time consuming but ensured accurate results. I am now quicker at rinsing my equipment which will be useful in future experiments. This is something I allowed myself to have longer to do as it is important that nothing is contaminated, as this could have affected my results. Other than the method sheets provided, I used little outside materials. I was able to do the experiments without extra information, but it may have been good to look at other people’s work and experiences, even if it was on the internet, just to be more confident in my own. It may have been beneficial to look at a few experiments the same to try and better my techniques and get advice. This would have been helpful when measuring substances for my standard solutions, as I wasted time using a weighing boat, to then find out it was too small and had to use a small beaker which then had to be rinsed etc. When doing experiments with plant extracts, I found it took me a few attempts to get the right measurements etc. This slowed down my flow but I was able to get accurate results. If I were to do this experiment again I would explore different options such as researching before hand. I did research before calibrating which was really useful. I was able to see how a few people had done their own and pick up any good tips that I could interpret into my own work. Although I think that my results are precise I could have, and will in future, double check measurements to make sure and maybe make my results even more accurate than they were. There were various ways in which I could have changed the way I did my practicals by doing things such as using different equipment. I could have used a bunson burner, when making standard solutions, instead of kettle water that may not be sterile.