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The King’s Speech is amovie directed by Tom Hooper in the year 2010. The movie represented both dramaand history in it which made it rather interesting. At first, the movie seemed quitecliché like any other musty historical drama movie.

As we look closer, it isactually partially modern in terms of its setting and its ambience. The movieis mainly about the struggle of a king to overcome his one weakness which isthe most important aspect of being a leader, fluentness of speech.  Being reluctantly next in line to the throne,after his older brother is forced to back out as he was going against the royalfamily’s rules in marrying a commoner, Albert which was currently the duke of Yorkputs in extra effort to overcome his stutter with the help of an Australianspeech therapist called Lionel Logue which eventually became a very closecompanion to him.This was indeed a verytouching story and many was deeply moved by the story line. In my opinion, the moviewas directed in such a way, that it deserves an award because of its ratherinteresting story line which portrays that life is never perfect even for thosein the royal family. Not only that, even as I was watching, the way the movieslowly escalated to the climax made the audience including myself to respond toa spontaneous applaud when Albert did his first speech without stammering. Themain character, Albert representing King George VI, which was played by ColinFirth was a huge success. This could be said because of he was able to carryout that role very well.

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Especially, in terms of portraying the severity of hisstammering and that as long as one never gives up, nothing is impossible. In terms ofcinematography, the angles in which the shooting was done was close toperfection. But for the lighting, I thought that they could have used somebrighter setting rather than dim lighting that was mostly applied throughout thewhole movie. Special effects wise, it was showed in certain scene in the movie.But the one that caught my attention the most was when Albert was giving hisspeech to his people before they had to go through one of the worst war in history.It was the way the subtle music playing in the background and as the camera movedin circular motion focusing on both Albert and Lionel as he nail that speechword by word, which strongly portrayed the strong friendship between them andhow Lionel never gave up on Albert and how he stayed till the very end.

There wasno scenery or soundtrack that was applied in the movie. Nevertheless, it didnot make the movie any less of perfect.  The main purpose of themovie was to showcase how life is never perfect but it can somehow be fixedwith constant perseverance and most importantly, the presence of the positiveand supportive people around an individual. The story line was indeed a verypowerful one because it moved the heart of many.

The movie also instilled a fewmoral values. One of them is, courage. This was shown when Albert had thecourage to turn up for the speech that he has to give to his people despitebeing insecure about his condition.

The next value that was instilled in themovie was true friendship and sincerity. This value was portrayed when, allother qualified doctors asked Albert to do some ridiculous things like smokingand stuffing marbles in his mouth in order to improve his speech fluentness,but Lionel, despite not having any official qualifications treated Albert, withmuch sincerity which eventually formed into a friendship bond that made thetreatment effective. This clearly proves that anything can be achieved and anyproblem can be overcome with true friendship and an act of sincerity goes along way. I personally think that this movie has both its strength andweaknesses. One of the weaknesses that caught my attention the most was thatthe movie was quite difficult to understand.

However, the strength wasobviously the impact that it gave the audience as the movie reached its climax,which clearly shows that the movie was a huge success.Overall, I think that TheKing’s Speech is a good movie. Although there were some negatives in the movie,in terms of lighting and a few other aspects, the positives definitely exceedsthe minor negatives.

I would say my impression of the movie is that it is avery inspirational movie and we as audience can learn many values from themovie. It was indeed a very interesting movie filled with drama but inreal-life situations. Would I recommend the movie to other people? Yes, I woulddefinitely recommend everyone to watch the movie. Trust me, it is definitelygoing to be worth it.