The Alchemist – Personal Legend Essay

On this subject, you really have to try and veer away from the big picture and learn to just look at the small details. I personally do not believe in the idea of a pre-decided “personal legend,” but rather that man can decide his “personal legend” with free will. To get more into depth with this subject would mean you have to believe in a certain higher power deciding this for us, but who are we to decide that in the first place for anyone but ourselves. Oh look, an example of free will.

You mean to tell me that you decided to get out of bed today because some higher power decided a long time ago, that on this day, you would do so, rather than because you knew you had to get up and get work done? You had the choice. You made the choice, and it could have gone either way. There is no pre-decision there. I have a few things I would like to touch up on about this controversial subject. (Kind of like the NFL Replacement Refs. I expect the next paper to be on them 😉 In my life, I’ve made some good and some bad decisions. I doubt that anyone can perfectly predict my life down to every small detail.

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I choose to do what I do. For example, I either choose to do my work or choose not to. Or when I take a test and I score low and then I retake the test again a week later without looking over the material again, and fail this time; that’s not destiny. It was my decision that caused that outcome to happen. I choose not to study and I won’t be prepared to take the same test that I already took. Since, I didn’t correct what I got wrong, I’ll probably get it wrong again. It wasn’t fate that made me fail; it was my decision, my laziness and ill will. Another example would be going to school each and every single school day.

It wasn’t fate that caused me to go to school. It’s my will and decision to make my parents proud and to achieve an education. Though making your parents proud and getting an education these days is very important, it is not necessary! I don’t go to school because someone planned out my whole life. I go to school because I want to and set a higher standard for myself and my future, as well as making my family proud and fulfilling their expectations. There is my first evidence for free will and I remain standing by it. Second, in The Alchemist there was this so called “personal legend. The personal legend was your destiny that the higher power has planned out for you. The personal legend will lead you to a satisfying life, but you have to give up your current life to pursue the satisfying life. This supports free will because the crystal merchant had a personal legend but he decided to remain a crystal merchant, which wasn’t his personal legend. He didn’t pursue his satisfying life. Instead, he stayed with his comfortable life. He didn’t want to risk losing the life he already had. This shows another example to prove free-will.

Therefore, I remain believing that we all have free will over predetermined fate. I make the decisions in my life and I doubt anyone can perfectly predict every small detail in my life. In The Alchemist, the crystal merchant decided to not pursue his personal legend and instead went with his free will. On the other hand, Santiago chose to go after his “personal legend. ” This was his choice. Free will is what I believe in. That is my opinion. I believe this question cannot truly be solved and the correct answer will never actually be there. I guess it is just our job to decide that with our own free will.