The homeless shelters filled up all around

The Great Depression was a rough time in America’s history with the economy going to hell, unemployment up, and gangsters fighting prohibition. The Great depression was the era of ¬†hardship in the same century that had World War 1, World War 2, and The Vietnam War. This proved to be a dark time in the decades that followed with poverty striking the streets, gangsters running neighborhoods, and homeless shelters filled up all around the block. Food was hard to come by with the rich buying it in bunches. The history books would say that these were some of the toughest times in America’s history and the reasons for it hold it up to that high of a low standard. The Great Depression starts with the stock market crash of October 29th, 1929 or known as “Black Tuesday” with the stock market losing millions that day with people rushing to take out the shares in almost any stock they owned. With this sudden need to pull out all of their shares the stock market took a hit of over 14 billion dollars after the crash. It sent America into a spiral of unemployment and banks everywhere were closing down due to people taking out their revenue throughout the great depression a total of over 9,000 banks failed in the 1930’s and through the great depression. It would in total be the cause the great depression with the stock market crashing and the banks failing the economy took the hit; leading to rapid unemployment throughout the country no matter what or where you worked you had the possibility to get laid off. The stock market crash and the banks failing to stay up it was bound that the economy would collapse as the state of store your money in disarray. As the times got tougher so did finding a stable job was getting tougher with the economy in ruins. The Great Depression brought with it heavy unemployment since many businesses failed to create enough revenue to sustain itself meaning they had to lay off many people. Meaning the poverty was ripe in America. The unemployment rate was about 24.75% which might seem like a number that isn’t problematic but realize that was over twelve million eight hundred thousand citizens that were unemployed in the year 1933 which was one of the lowest ever in America’s long history. But with all of that it was believed by some that one day the economy that would bounce back which happened in the year 1941.The year 1941 is synonymous with one deadly attack by a military force off of the coast of Asia. Japan striked Pearl Harbor leading to America declaring war on Japan and the Axis Powers. That attack lead into America needing more jobs in manufacturing and for men to go in the army. Which lead to America’s economy leading up to a high point in our military strength which helped America’s homeless to find a job that was stable for those 4 years of World War 2. With the war raging the industrial market exploding creating several jobs for many americans in the time of need. These jobs provided ammo, vehicles, guns, and medical supplies for the soldiers on the front lines fighting the axis powers in one of the bloodiest wars in history with over sixty million dead including civilian deaths. World War 2 even though being one of the worst wars in history, it provided many jobs for the poverty stricken country revitalizing. The Great Depression was finally over and the economy then stabilized once again.The war brought a new boom to the economy which then helped banks recover since people were storing their revenue in stock and banks across the U.S. While America’s economy bounced back after World War 2 which saved America’s economy.The Great Depression was a time of our history where our country was nearly collapsed because of the economy crashing into the ground. The Great Depression showed us how an economy can turn into an non working system by just a few moves that go the wrong way. With the economy stable again we won’t make those mistakes that destroyed the economy.