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“Of Mice and Men” Essay “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck is a historical fiction play novelette. The novel is about the hardships of living in the Great Depression as a mentally challenged man. Lennie’s death was foreshadowed by what happened in Weed, and also by death of Curley’s wife.

The ending of the novel is inevitable because of Lennie’s actions or other people’s reactions. George killed him in what he thought was a humane way to die. Lennie’s death was foreshadowed by what happened to the girl in Weed and the murder of Curley’s wife.In the beginning of the novel you learn about Lennie’s love for soft things such as the dress of the girl in Weed and Curley’s wife’s hair. When Lennie touched both of those objects and wouldn’t let go of them both of the girls panicked. If Lennie was alone with the girl in weed you can assume he would have done the same thing to that girl as he did to Curley’s wife. You can assume this from both Lennie’s violent tendencies as when he killed the mouse and the puppy.

Lennie is telling us his point of view about what happened in Weed: “Jus’ wanted to feel that girl’s dress-jus’ wanted to pet it like it was a mouse-Well, how the hell did she know you jus’ wanted to feel her dress? She jerks back and you hold on like it was a mouse. ” (Page 11). This highlights Lennie’s ignorance and reveals his love for soft objects. Carlson wants to shoot candy’s dog because it’s too old.

“They way I’d shoot him, he wouldn’t feel nothing. Id’ put the gun right there. ” He pointed with his toe. Right back of the head. He wouldn’t even quiver. ” (Page 45). This reveals the way George will eventually shoot Lennie, right in the back of the head so Lennie will die in the least pain possible. This is how the death of Curley’s wife and what happened in Weed foreshadows Lennie’s death.

Lennie’s death was inevitable because he was going to die after he killed Curley’s wife. He was either going to be killed peacefully by George, or brutally by Curley and Carlson. George took the initiative.Before George killed Lennie he told him about the dream and then he tried to shoot him as painlessly as possible, in the back of the head.

If Carlson and Curley got Lennie before George he most likely would have been beaten then shot. George needed to be the one to kill Lennie, because he traveled with him for so long and needed to do it, move on and start his life over. Candy said this to George after he let Carlson shoot his dog. “I ought to of shot that dog myself, George. I shouldn’t ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog. (Page: 61). George knew that he and Lennie couldn’t keep running away from trouble. George knew at this point that if it came to it George would have to shoot Lennie instead of letting Carlson and Curley take care of it.

“The hand shook violently, but his face set and his hand steadied. He pulled the trigger… George shivered and looked at the gun, and then he threw it from him, back up on the bank, near the pile of old ashes.

” (Page 106). This illustrates how hard it was for George to kill Lennie.Lennie was going to die even if he didn’t kill Curley’s wife because of his mental disability. The death of Curley’s wife and the events in Weed foreshadowed Lennie’s death. Lennie was going to die even if he didn’t kill Curley’s wife. Paragraph one explained why Lennie’s death was foreshadowed by what happened in Weed and the death of Curley’s wife. Paragraph two explained why Lennie’s death was inevitable.

We can learn a lot from this novel but what stood out the most is how poorly people who lived during the Great Depression treated those who had mental disabilities.