The even more outrageous taxation in the

The main things that caused the Revolutionary War are The Stamp Act, The tea party and the rebels wanting their independence. All of these things played an important role in the Revolutionary War leading up to the American’s Declaring their independence. Because the American people were already independent, they believed that they should be able to do things for themselves. They didn’t want people across the country telling them how they should live and conduct themselves. After all, why should they have had to pay taxes to the British? The British government was already making a lot of the American colonies pay off their war debts that stemmed from the Indian and French war. The Tea party was a pivotal point in the Americans declaring their independence. They decided it was time for them to let Parliament know that they were not going to stand around and be subject to the unfair treatment of having to repay war debts. The Tea Party was basically an inspiration and an extra push that in the end drove the colonist to stand up for what they believed to be right and go to war for their freedom. The Stamp Act was instilled in order to raise funds and pay off debts that were already in place. There was a direct tax put on anything that was printed whether it was for commercial and or legal use. The direct tax was for every single paper they could use which included but was not limited to papers printed for ship documentation, legal documentation, newspapers, playing cards as well as other publications. This act came as sort of a wake up call, they realized that if they allowed this act to be passed it could potentially grant the British room to impose even more outrageous taxation in the near future. There were a lot of issues that played a part leading up to The Revolutionary War and they all drove the colonists to stand up against the British. They wanted to be able to live the lives they fought for. They didn’t believe that they should be taxed and by them standing up for themselves it took them a step closer to war each time but in the end it all paid off.