The and others. Despite other competitive sitcoms

The show “Friends” became the first long running sitcom, when it got the
highest rating for it on US television. Friends won an Emmy, award for the Best
Comedy Series category, which was another first. The show was praised for lack
of violent content. Although, there were few critical responses over some
contents, it did not stop celebrities to play and guest appearance role in this
show which includes: Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Helen Hunt, Elliot Gould,
Charlie sheen and others. Despite other competitive sitcoms Friends managed to
remain at its place that is for both social phenomenon and hugely entertaining
television show. According to one of the experts Friends is one of those show
which marked a change in American culture. The portrayal of youth and the roles
they play are well defined and represents a lifestyle that focuses around
creating and maintaining relationship between a group of friends running their
own lives and seeking support from each other In audience appeal, Friends was
undoubtedly stayed in the nineties and as well as in the early years of
twentieth century. As with time, the reviews got more positive than negative,
it progressed and Friends become a most popular hit sitcom. It is still ranked
as among time best TV shows (Cosgrove) Critics praised the series for having
persistently spiky dialogue script and the chemistry among the most important
actors was extra ordinary. Some praised the finale for being more touching and
more satisfying as reflecting to the closure it gave

There are very few of the sitcoms in the history of television which
have had long-term Cultural impact. It does not matter how much you categorize
the TV programs or how much influence the novel reality trend has on it; it is
a fact that will remain that television sitcoms are not realistic. It’s
impossible for it to be 100% real because TV is not reality. The stories
included are however chunks of the maker’s perception. Which they always edit,
filter, and script it to manipulate the audiences to drag hug amount of
attention and fan following. Rachel’s hairstyle was noticed a lot tit was even
nicknamed as “The Rachel” and adopted by many. Joe’s catchphrase “How you
doin’?” also became popular and imitated by many as a pickup line or when
greeting or making new friends. Chandler’s sarcasm and jokes also influenced
viewers it also developed an alternative lifestyle where young people live
unconventional domestic lives, it brings to a close way that all you need is
some good friends and you can put up family of your choice. This new way of
living and developing relationships is not normally seen in conventional

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Friend’s charecters have been well develop to reflect on real life which
all viewers of the show can relate to.

Monica was kind of the mother of the group. In the episode “The One With
The Two Parties” where Rachel’s birthday was split in two. Chandler and Joey’s
party was all about relaxing and fun, whereas Monica’s party was all about
organized activities for everyone to “enjoy.” Like those arts and crafts
activities, you would do at your cousin’s 7th birthday party where you got to
take home a bottle of colourful sand or a picture frame made from macaroni. Which
is a Total mom move.

You got to give props to Rachel. She left her family money, made a
successful career out of nothing, and had a kid on her own. She worked really
hard to get to where she was. She was always herself and did exactly what she
wanted whether it was leaving a doomed suburban life with Barry or wearing a
huge floppy hat even though everyone else made fun of it.

Ross is pretty passionate about a lot of things through the course of
Friends. Dinosaurs and Rachel are an obvious two. But he can be pretty intense
about some random things. Like a leftover sandwich, wanting every single person
in his apartment complex to like him, and hoarding every removable object from
hotel rooms. His quirks like these make him a dynamite character to watch. And
by dynamite, I mean that it’s likely he’ll explode at any moment.


One of the most worrying features of a television show is that,
intermittently, it needs to change. This is fittingly, given our anti-hero’s action
what Breaking Bad excelled at most . Vince Gilligan and his creative team, and
indeed the show’s enormously talented cast, revelled in the process of moulding
the new together with the old, taking what was and defiantly shaping what was
meant to be. Incidentally, on a production level as much as a character level I
feel that the crux of Breaking Bad’s developmental success was that the writers
had no idea what they were doing, with much of the show’s most engrossing drama
focusing on how its characters adapt to the almost-random chaos thrown at them.

To complement and enhance the series’ production values and
story-telling structure are the people we watch the show for: Walter White and
Jesse Pinkman, as well as the series’ wealth of other morally ambiguous
characters. Moral ambiguity is something each and every one of us have dealt
with at one time or another. Most of our ‘tough’ choices come in the form of
moments like whether it would really be so bad if you pulled a sickie, knowing
you could well selfishly ruin another person’s day or if you are a
fundamentally bad person for stealing some of your housemate’s bread and then
lying to them, perhaps even blaming another housemate. Breaking Bad’s moral
compass is just relatability taken to the extreme. We can’t help but feel for
and be right behind Mr Walter Hartwell White through thick and thin because he
is (or was) a normal guy simply trying to do right for his family and to leave
behind a legacy when he’s gone from this world instead of just a withered
corpse that couldn’t even provide for its family and whose to say that put in
the same position we wouldn’t make the same choices as Mr White?